Helloooo Shanghai American School at Pudong!

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Huge thanks to the lovely Kimbra Power for a fabulous day at SAS Pudong! What with Pin Yin Panda preening herself and Sybil Snake slithering, and the big kids learning a bit about story planning, we had a ball! Here are some gorgeous Grade 4s and the dedicated Library Pages above, and Kimbra and I and some First Graders below!

IMG_7848 IMG_7823


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  1. About how long does it take to make one book?

    • Hi Matan, I publish my books in Hong Kong, where it is quick and easy to get things done. From start to finish, it takes me about 3 months from the time I finish writing my story till the time it’s a finished, printed book.

  2. Can you come to SAS again?

  3. Hi Sarah you are a great writer.
    1 question why did you write the tale of the pin yin Panda?
    You are awesome

    • Thank you so much Luke! I wrote The Tale of Pin Yin Panda so that I could re-tell the story of Lord Buddha’s Race, explain how the animals got into the Chinese Zodiac, and explain why the Panda ISN’T in the Zodiac!

  4. Are you going to make a book about the year of the monkey?

    • Yes Chantelle, I am indeed, though you’ll have to wait a little bit! The Year of the Monkey isn’t until 2016!

  5. Thank you for coming to our school. The children really enjoyed having you here.

    • Hi Amy – and thank you very much for having me. I had a wonderful time!

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