Tick tock, tick tock – just four days left to enter my Autumn Haiku competition!

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The deadline for my Autumn Haiku competition is this Friday, 26th October! So if you haven’t sent in your entry yet, you’d better sharpen your pencil and get writing! See my Clever Competitions page above for all the details!

It’s time to climb a mountain!

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Happy Chung Yeung Holiday to you all! Legend has it that on this day, a boy named Heng Jing saved his village by the Ruhe River by climbing a mountain and offering the plague devil some wine made from Chrysanthemum flowers. The wine killed the devil and the village was saved! Ever since, it has been auspicious to climb a mountain on Chung Yeung Holiday.  So which mountain did you climb today? Was it Hong Kong’s famous Lion Rock (pictured above) or the Dragon’s Back, or maybe just Victoria Peak! Or maybe you climbed a mountain in a different country altogether! Wherever you went, I hope the view was wonderful!

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