Happy Mid-Autumn Festival…there’s a feast waiting for you!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all you kids in Hong Kong and China out there! And a very happy weekend to everyone else! I’ve got a real feast waiting for you all here on my blog!

Now here’s a likely lot of monsters…Yes, they’re the Wild Things from Where the Wild Things Are, featured on my latest posting on my Brilliant Books page above! Did you know that the Wild Things were originally meant to be wild horses? And did you know that their extraordinary creator Maurice Sendak, who died in May this year, thought that most children were far superior to adults?! Read all about this unique book and its truly remarkable author illustrator by clicking the Amazing Authors and Brilliant Books tabs at the top of this page!

Now I can promise you that Maurice Sendak never played a computer game in his life! Nor watched much TV. Nor texted his friends all day on his mobile phone. That’s how he came to have such an amazing imagination! So if you want to be a world famous author, take heed of my new Top Writing Tip for Kids by clicking the button above! The overuse of technology is firmly in the frame as a deadly imagination-blocker…so when you’ve read my post, why don’t you do something really radical and switch off all those computers, TVs, X-boxes and mobile phones you’ve got on today and experience some real life! It will make you a better writer, I promise!

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