My brand new Clever Competition for Autumn starts TODAY!

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It’s the end of summer…the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and even though we’re all still wearing T-shirts and shorts, those chilly Autumn days are just around the corner! So it’s high time for another Clever Competition to warm up our brain cells and exercise our imaginations! This time it’s a very special Autumn Haiku Competition! Go to my Clever Competitions page above right away for all the details! The deadline is Friday October 26th, so you’d better get writing! Ready, steady, GO!

Did your dog eat your homework last night?

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If your dog REALLY ate your homework last night, then what do you need when your teacher gives you a detention today? You need my new Wicked Word, that’s what! Go to the Wicked Words tab above right away to find out what that word is! You can even use it on your teacher!

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