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A very happy holiday to all you kids out there! I hope¬†you’re all having fun and catching up on reading all those¬†fabulous books you didn’t have time to read in term time! Some of you might even be writing for fun! I always say that if you write just for the fun of it, you’re BOUND to become a famous author one day! So go on – give it a go! You might try writing a funny poem, or a really riveting story, or even just keeping a journal or diary about what you’ve been doing or your dreams for the future. It’s all great practice for that best-selling book you’re going to write one day!

Above all, make sure you’re having lots of FUN and as soon as you’ve read this message, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER and get out there into the big wide world of playing, exploring, running around, inventing, swimming, drawing, cooking, creating, writing and of course, READING! That’s how to keep your brain fit and happy and ready for your fabulous life ahead!

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