Bunny ballads and rabbit rhymes are hopping in fast!

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Thanks to all those clever writers and poets in England, Singapore and Hong Kong who’ve been sending me their entries into my Rabbit Poem competition this week! I’m having a spot of trouble with my emails, so I haven’t been able to write back to you – but never fear, they have all been entered into the Competition! And if you haven’t entered yet, go to my Clever Competitions page now!

Thank you YCIS Pudong and YCIS Puxi in Shanghai!

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Rhonda Rabbit and I hopped into two fabulous schools yesterday and today here in Shanghai! Thanks so much to Amanda Greenslade,  Moira and Heather Lockett at YCIS Pudong and YCIS Puxi (not to mention the inspiring teachers and the fabulous YCIS kids!) for two great days. I had a ball! And so did Rhonda’s cousin Rulin Rabbit, my poor bunny-with-a-terrible-secret (and you all know what I mean!!). I hope to see lots of entries from you all into my Clever Competitions in the next few months!

Here are some fabulous kids of YCIS Pudong watching Rhonda dive into her burrow – more photos to come on my website this month!


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