The Dog Blog returns…with an IF poem!

December 14, 2010 at 1:36 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Woof! Hello all you humans out there! I cannot believe that my mum was about to close the IF competition tomorrow without letting me put in an entry! So I said to her this morning: “Mum, it makes me ineffably sad to contemplate a poetry competition without an entry from the greatest cocker spaniel in the world!” (If you don’t know what ineffably means, you haven’t seen my mum’s latest Wicked Word!). So finally Mum relented…and to thank her, I’ve composed a poem all about her and me!!

If I could be my mum

And my mum could be my pet

I’d always scratch her tum

And I’d NEVER call the vet!

I’d let her eat my supper

And sleep upon my bed

And never wake her up, or

Put shampoo on her head!!

Bobby (a.k.a. The Punk Cocker)

So that’s my entry, so there!! I can’t wait to read the ten winning entries on Thursday! Do you think I just might win? PLEASE?



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  1. If I were cat
    I’d meow all day
    And purr like a kitty,
    (I guess thats the way)
    Catching a mouse is like a game,
    But without some milk,
    It’s not the same,
    With a dog around,
    Uuhhh, I’m in trouble!,
    I’ll be scrunched into pieces and chewed into bits,
    And be slobberd by hundreds and hundreds of licks,
    I could already see it,
    Me as feast,
    In a dark, dark belly of a beast!

    • Hi Anita – that’s a fantastic poem! Very good rhyming and rhythm, and very funny too! Next time you MUST remember to email your entry directly to my email address at to be eligible for entry into the competition! Make sure you enter my new competition about A Most Unusual Christmas!

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