G’day all my Aussie compatriots at the AISS!

November 18, 2010 at 9:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

G’day again all you Aussies out there! That was SUCH a fun day today at the wonderful AISS and I really enjoyed meeting you all! Glad to see you’re visiting my blog (I have my ways of finding out…!). Keep on reading, keep on writing and above all ENTER MY COMPETITION!!! Or my dragon will eat the lot of you!


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  1. hi sarah brennan,
    im Lauren from the creative writing class at the aussie school, do you remember me? i learnt alot today and loved the way you made it interesting. Your books are wonderful and I absolutly ADORE them.
    any way good luck with your rabbit book, i’ll be looking out for it!
    thankyou so much
    Lauren Kingsley ( the girl from the story you made up!:)

    • Hi Lauren, thanks for your lovely compliments – and for being a very good sport today during our story writing session! I hope you’ve recovered!! I’m so glad you like the books and don’t worry – Rhonda Rabbit will be hopping her way down to Bookaburra Bookshop in Singapore very soon! Keep on writing and keep on reading!

  2. hello we loved your books. your speech that you said was unpredictable but entertaining which is good. You were probaly the fuuniest guest speeker we have ever had. Thanks for visiting our school!!!!!!!!!
    from Miranda and Brookie

    • Hello Miranda and Brookie – thanks for your lovely comments! I had such a great time at your school – it was SO friendly and welcoming, and I was really impressed with all you kids! Keep on reading and writing! Sarah

  3. Hello Sarah! I love your books especially The tale of Temujin. The speech that you gave was really interesting and funny! I sertanly cannot wait until your new book comes out!!!
    I love all of your books. 🙂

    We all loved you!!
    Thanks for visiting AISS

    From Ashleigh

    • It’s lovely to hear from you Ashleigh and I’m so glad you like my books! My new book should be in Singapore very soon! If you contact my distributors Bookaburra Books they’ll put you on the waiting list! (cheryle.hum@bookaburra.com). I hope you have a lovely Christmas! Sarah

  4. I thought your presentation was fantastic!!!
    It was really funny and fun!!
    I hope you keep writing!!!
    I really like your books!!
    There awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for coming to AISS!!
    cya next time!!!

    • Hi Sophie – thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad you liked my presentation – I had a lot of fun too! Keep up the writing and reading! Sarah

  5. Hi sarah brennan,
    your books have encouraged me to write a small story.

    thanks lucy

    • Dear Lucy – I’m really delighted that you are writing a story! Well done! Do send me a copy when you’ve finished – I’d love to see it! And why not enter my competittion too – it would be great to see your entry! Sarah

  6. hi sarah brennan,
    i’m sarah in Aiss and i love your books!!
    they are so funny and interesting!
    I really want to buy the Rhonda Rabbit because I’m rabbit!

    Sarah Kim(same name as you!)

    • Hello Sarah – great name! I’m very happy that you like my books! Rhonda will be hopping your way very soon – see my response to Ashleigh Weeks below if you’d like to know how to get a copy! Sarah

  7. Hi, I’m Natasha from AISS! Your Speech was so funny! Espeically the dragon that was from IKEA!!! How you read Temujin was really awsome and also because you used lotsa expression!!!

    Please Visit Us Again!!!

    Natasha (^_^)

    • Thanks Natasha – and I’d love to see you all again at the AISS! Keep on reading! Sarah

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