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Hey there all you Ghastly Grots and Nifty Neats!

Here’s your OFFICIAL INVITATION to the DIRTIEST PARTY IN TOWN! Just click on the link below for all the details, and make sure you register to receive a free helium balloon at the party! Andf if you come dressed as your favourite Neat or Grot, you can enter our Dirty Costume Competition for some fabulous prizes!


So what kind of animal are you?

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Are you a terrific Tiger or a respectable Rabbit or a practically perfect Pig?

It all depends on the year when you were born!

Visit my new Chinese Calendar Animals page on my About Page to find out exactly what kind of animal you really are!

A Cowardly Wicked Word…

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Do you know someone really cowardly, who won’t be brave even when it’s the right thing to do? Go to my Wicked Word page immediately if you want a great new word to describe them!!

You’re never too young to be published!

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How old do you have to be to be published? This is a question that I often hear from kids. Many of you would love to have your stories published, but you’d rather not wait for another twenty years!

So I’ve done a bit of research and – guess what? The youngest person to ever have a book published was …


Her name was Dorothy Straight. She was born in Washington DC (the capital of the United States of America) in 1958, and when she was just four and in pre-kindergarten, she wrote and illustrated a picture book called ” How the World Began” for her grandma. Her mum and dad thought it was good enough to be published…and it was! They sent it to Pantheon Books (a part of huge US publishers Random House)  who published it two years later in 1964.

And boys haven’t done too badly either!

The youngest published boy was Dennis Vollmer, born in Oklahoma in the United States in 1980, who wrote and illustrated a wonderful story about a stranded whale called “Joshua Disobeys” when he was just six years old, which was published by Landmark Editions in 1988.

At the other end of the scale, the oldest person who was ever published for the first time was Argentina Brunetti, an actress who was born in 1907 in Buenos Aires in Argentina (surprise, surprise!) and who had her first novel published at the grand old age of 98 just before she died in 2005!

Which all goes to prove that you’re never too young to be published, and you’re never too old either!

So get writing all of you – no excuses!! And you can start by entering my Laugh Out Loud Limerick Competition RIGHT NOW!

My new Laugh-Out-Loud Limerick competition starts TODAY!

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If you’re a bit of a joker, or love playing with words and rhymes, or if you’ve ever laughed out loud at a silly limerick, this is the competition for you! Go to my Competition Page to find out what you have to do this month to win a signed copy of one of my books!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner of my Sizzling Summer Story Competition!

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Green Comic Alien Clip Art

Congratulations to Li Yan Wa, winner of my Sizzling Summer Story competition! Yan Yan wrote a fantastic story about a REALLY weird alien encounter between two shape-altering aliens with two pretty normal human kids. Jelly-shaped Grandpas, cardboard boxes, soil samples and really annoying little brothers…it’s got the lot! So go to my Competition Page above to read Yan Yan’s story and enjoy!


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It’s been a long hot summer and if you’re anything like me you had a fabulous holiday, but you’re good and ready to get your brain buzzing again!

So just to get things fizzing, there’s a Wicked new Word, a Brilliant new Book and an even more Awesome Author waiting for you on the pages above. So get off to a flying start this term and start reading!

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