Isn’t it great that we’re all different?

June 7, 2020 at 12:05 pm | Posted in social issues for kids | Leave a comment
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Wow! Don’t you just love this photo! And don’t you just love how everybody looks different? Some  kids are girls and some are boys. Some have dark coloured skin, and some have really pale coloured skin, and some have skin tones in between! And that means that all of them have different stories to tell about where their families come from, the things that they celebrate, the things they believe in and the things that they love to eat and do! Isn’t that special and isn’t that fun!

But you know, there are actually people out there that think that the colour of your skin, or your religion, or where you come from, makes you better than people with a different coloured skin or religion or country of origin!  Isn’t that just crazy? We’re all just as fabulous as each other! What makes a person better – or worse – than someone else is how they treat other people – that’s all. So if you are good and kind to everybody, no matter where they come from, or what religion they believe in, or what the colour of their skin is, you are the top of my Favourite People List! But anyone who believes that it’s okay to treat other people badly because they have a different country of origin, or a different religion, or different skin colour is right down the bottom and I really don’t like them. And how silly would it be to think that way, anyway?

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