A fabulous family of fans send this photo!

February 14, 2018 at 8:13 am | Posted in children's literacy, Fantastic fans! | 3 Comments
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I was very honoured today to receive this lovely photo of one of my young fans, Osman Pasha, with last year’s book The Tale of Rickshaw Rooster! Osman’s mum Janana tells me that Pasha and his older brothers have grown up reading my Chinese Calendar Tales and they love them! She tells me that, being of Russian speaking background educated on Pushkin and Lermintov, she really appreciates the rhythm and rhyme in my poetry – thank you so much Janana for your lovely message and for allowing me to post this photo! I’m delighted to meet you and Pasha and please do send my warmest wishes to your boys!


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  1. Osman’s brother, Namir was born in 2005 Year of Rooster: the description you gave for the people born under that sign could be based on your observation of Osman’s big brother. Dear Sarah, your books being so much light- we spend a lot of time reading them these days, especially considering the cancellation of lessons in HK. Each and Every one of your Masterpieces belongs in every International city of the world. So much color and humour!

  2. We are honoured and humbled to be mentioned. My three boys are reading your stories: a Masterclass in Poetic education, really. I am a Tiger – and it is amazing how the description in your books, dearest Sarah, matches my character. Thank you again . Sorry for the late Comment – we were travelling, where we never failed to read every night in Cambodian hotels, with and For our Osman: Rickshaw Rooster and other wonderful pieces of your Literature.

    • Thank you so much Janana for your very kind comments! I’m so glad that Osman is enjoying the books!

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