It’s time for a Sunny Summer Poetry Competition!

May 30, 2016 at 6:22 pm | Posted in children's literacy, Writing competitions for kids | 3 Comments
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Sun yawning

(Image credit Harry Harrison, The Tale of Ming Kee Monkey)

It’s summer at last, and things are heating up on the happy downward slide towards the summer holidays! So what better way to celebrate the holidays…and to fill in some lazy summer hours – than by entering my Sunny Summer Poetry Competition! (And my apologies in advance to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, where of course winter has almost arrived. You’ll just have to imagine that summer is coming :)!

This time I’d like you to write me an original poem about all the things you love about summertime. It can be any one of the five following sorts of poem:rhyming verse; acrostic; haiku; limerick; free verse.

There will be two categories: Grades/Years One to Three and Grades/Years Four to Six. Students currently enrolled in Grade/Year 6 are all eligible to enter.

The deadline for your entries is Wednesday, 31st August 2016! So pick up those pens and start writing! I can’t wait to read your Sunny Summer Poem!



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