Happy Birthday Greetings from Harry Harrison on Buddha’s Birthday!

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Harry's Buddha's Birthday greetings

Here’s the fabulous Harry Harrison’s Birthday Greeting to Buddha today – enjoy!!

Clever Competition No. 25 starts TODAY!

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cover image without textPrecious and Bright IdeaFrog

What better way to celebrate a Chinese holiday…not to mention a day off school if you’re lucky enough to live in Hong Kong…than to dream up a fabulous story set in China! So it’s high time we had another international writing competition, and this time you’re going to have to get your imagination hats on, because I want a story of great originality and fun, set in China, involving three very different Chinese characters: a ram, a Chinese princess and a frog!  It can be a mystery, an adventure, or even a romance! And because I know you love a good challenge, there are a few other ingredients you must include! Go to my Clever Competitions page (above) right away to see all the rules and conditions. (I’ve also set out exactly what I’ll be looking for when I judge the competition, so make sure you pay careful attention before planning your first draft!) I’m giving you lots of time for this one, including the summer holidays in case you’d like a fun challenge to fill those holiday hours! The competition deadline is Sunday 6th September.

Happy Birthday Buddha!

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Jade Buddha reclining

(The Reclining Buddha, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai)

In the West it might be a Bank Holiday today…but here in Hong Kong, we are celebrating Buddha’s Birthday! Legend has it that when Buddha was born, nine dragons sprayed him with water to bathe him. So today, in temples across Hong Kong, people gather to bathe statues of Buddha in bowls of water! The biggest ceremony is of course held at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, near the world’s biggest statue of Buddha!

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