A Funny and Fabulous Day at DBIS!

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SAM_6596  IMG_1093

I had SUCH a fun day today with my old – and young 🙂 – friends at Discovery Bay International School today! The Grade 2s, 3s, and 4s met my shaggy, shy sheep Rodney, and then the gorgeous Grade 1s met my very vain (but loveable) Pin Yin Panda, and learned all about how the animals got into the Chinese Zodiac! We had a ball! Huge thanks to the wonderful Naomi Gist (above) for hosting me today! And even more thanks for letting me, and my family of Chinese Zodiac animals, make our getaway, very stylishly, in her Discovery Bay golf buggy! But trust that Pin Yin Panda to insist on riding in the front! You can also see below a fabulous drawing of Rodney Ram given to me by a lovely student called Elin – isn’t it terrific?


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