Meet a remarkable young writer…and her wonderful mum!

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Every so often I have extra-special days, and today was one of them. I met a just-seven-years-old girl called Sonia, and her wonderful mum Roohi. Roohi sent me Sonia’s entry into my current Clever Competition, a really beautiful poem about her favourite tree. She also sent me four other poems Sonia had written, full of gorgeous vocabulary and lovely imagination. Roohi confided in me that Malala (see my post below) was also Sonia’s hero, and she sent me the photo you see above. 


Roohi also sent me this photo of Sonia and her sister’s bedroom! Sonia asked for these posters especially for her birthday. and she chose 10 inspiring women: Jane Goodall (perhaps the greatest living anthropologist), Frida Khalo (a great Mexican artist), Sally Ride (the first female astronaut) , Maya Angelou (the celebrated African-American author and poet), Eleanor Roosevelt (outspoken civil rights and women’s rights activist and politician), Rachel Carson (the great writer and environmentalist), Helen Keller (the great, blind, civil rights activist), Diana Nyad (American journalist, author and long-distance swimmer) and Rosa Parks (the African-American civil rights activist known as the Mother of Civil Rights in America) with wonderful Malala taking pride of place in the centre.

Needless to say, Sonia is a great reader who constantly has her head in a book! And her mum tells me that the reason she has encouraged her daughters to read lots and lots of books is because growing up she didn’t have the chance to read many different kinds of books. With a mum like Roohi, and a love of reading, and the inspiration of such a fantastic group of women on her bedroom wall, I predict that Sonia will grow up to become a rather special person herself!

So if you’re a kid, why not do the same as Sonia, and put posters of the people who inspire you to greatness on your bedroom wall? You could enter my Clever Competition as well 🙂 – all the details are on the Clever Competitions page above!

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