Four funny and fabulous sessions at The Peak School!

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Pin Yin Panda from the misty Wolong Valley felt quite at home on the misty Peak today when I visited The Peak School with my Chinese Calendar Tales! The gorgeous Grade 1s and 2s met my vain but loveable Panda and heard all about how the animals raced to Lord Buddha’s Party and into the Chinese Zodiac when I read them my Tale of Pin Yin Panda. Then the clever kids of Grades 3 to 6 had a fascinating history lesson learning how the Silk Road started as I read them my new Tale of a Dark Horse! We had a lot of fun whinnying, neighing and HARUMPH-ing too! Warm thanks to wonderful librarian Liz Mills-Campbell for hosting me today, and to all the staff and students who made me feel so welcome! I hope to see lots of entries from you all in my Clever Competition!

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