Sybil’s Secret Mission at the Jade Buddha’s Temple in Shanghai!

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Oh No!! Sybil Snake went slithering into the Jade Buddha’s Temple in Shanghai last Saturday morning with a top ssssecret mission!! I wonder if you can guess what it was?

Here she is, with me in the temple grounds, with all the worshippers burning incense – isn’t it beautiful?



And hiding in the gardens, surrounded by beautiful carvings:


Watch out Sybil! Here is a Buddhist lady monk, reading a prayer…. she’s onto you!


Now Sybil is sneaking upstairs, peering through the windows…and over the rooftops:

And slithering quietly past the reclining Buddha, and other sacred friends…


Past an amazing Chinese artist, who paints scenery with his hands:


To the fabulous treasures in the museum upstairs!


Aha!! She’s found some gold at last! Goodbye Sybil Snake, sleep well in your grotto…that clever Buddhist monk will be along soon!


A fabulous finale at BISS Puxi!

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What a fantastic way to end my Shanghai Schools tour this November! I had four fabulous sessions with the wonderful Grade 2 to 6s and their dedicated, friendly teachers at BISS Puxi on Tuesday before flying home to Hong Kong. Huge thanks to my terrific host Elizabeth Wood for looking after me so well! Photos to come soon!

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