Meet the authors at Byron Bay!

August 3, 2012 at 10:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

What a fabulous time I’m having here at the Byron Bay Writers Festival! Byron Bay is a very beautiful part of Australia – it’s the easternmost point, with snowy white beaches, lush green countryside, a famous lighthouse, and best of all a famous writers’ festival, with fascinating authors galore! Here I am with famous Australian children’s author Morris Gleitzman – I’m holding his latest book, and he’s holding mine! Below is the incomparable Andy Griffith, king of goofy stories, and to the right, you’ll see me and my books at Mary Ryan’s Bookshop in Fletcher Street. This place is a treat!


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  1. What a great trip Sarah! Good for you – there’ll be lots of Auspicious Times in Oz now!!!

    • Hi Megs – thanks so much! Had a great trip to Oz but am now stuck in a hotel room in Sydney grounded until my sinusitis and blocked ears clear – grrrr…..!! Can’t email out either – all a bit of a pain! See you soon in HK I hope!

  2. PS – tell Andy to come to Hong Kong!!!

    • Hi Megs again – I would if I could! Too late now, alas…maybe next time!

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