A fine time at Shatin Junior School!

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Hello to all those fabulous Grade 4s and cute Grade 1s at SJS – it was great to meet you on Monday! I look forward to meeting the Grade 2s, 3s and 5s on next Monday!

Pin Yin Panda rules at GSIS!

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Hello to all you GSIS believers…it’s the Year of the Panda…RIGHT!! Today Pin Yin totally convinced the Primary School kids that it was HER year this year…or was it just the promise of free bookmarks? Bribery will get a panda anywhere…. A big thank you to the very funny and fabulous Megan Lindsay, Head of Library, and her wonderful assistant Stella Tong!

And here are some of the GSIS kids – and a ghost!!!

Thank you Quarry Bay School!

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A big thank you to Stephanie Gilchrist, Head of Quarry Bay Learning Centre, for another fun day of writing workshops with the great Grade 4s on Wednesday! Here’s Stephanie and I and some fabulous Quarry Bay School readers!

It’s the Year of the Panda at Renaissance College!

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Or at least Pin Yin Panda thinks it is! Pin Yin and I had a fantastic day today with all the fabulous kids and teachers of Renaissance College HK, from their gorgeous Grade 1s, all the way to their savvy Grade 6s! Here are some of my lovely fans who tracked me down in the library for some autographs!:

And here is the lovely Ada, one of the library team who looked after me all day, and now knows Pin Yin’s story by heart! Ada featured Pin Yin Panda on her storyboard honouring Risk Takers!

Last but never least are the Library Team themselves, headed by my dear friend Andrea Walker – thanks for such a happy, warm Renaissance College welcome!

Hello Quarry Bay School!

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A big hello to all you Grade 3 writers I visited today at Quarry Bay School – it was great fun to see you all again and to give you some of my tips on How to Write a Really Riveting Story! I hope to see some FABULOUS entries from you all in my Clever Competition! And I look forward to visiting the Grade 4s on Wednesday! Above are some keen Quarry Bay School writers!

Wow! What a fabulous Hong Kong launch for Pin Yin Panda!

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A big THANK YOU to Shonee and Arti Mirchandani, Odessa So and the team at Bookazine in Princes Building for a wonderful Hong Kong launch this afternoon! Over 170 kids, mums and dads turned up to celebrate Pin Yin Panda’s arrival in Hong Kong for the Year of the (Dragon) PANDA!!! We had two readings, a fun quiz with Harry Harrison with tiny panda prizes, and some yummy snacks and drinks! Here are just a few of Harry’s and my fans above and below (as well as a big pile of books!).

Reminder: This Saturday! Hong Kong launch of The Tale of Pin Yin Panda!

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It’s going to be huge! Come along and join the fun at Pin Yin Panda’s launch party this Saturday at Bookazine in Princes Building at 2pm! Here is your official invitation! I’ll be reading Pin Yin’s story, Harry Harrison will be running a quiz with prizes, and there’ll be lots of nibbles and drinks, with wine for the grown-ups! But make sure you register at enquiries@bookazine.com.hk or phone 2522 1785 to let Bookazine know you’re coming!

A fabulous CNY event at Blackwells Bookstore in Oxford!

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Huge thanks to Hannah Chinnery and Zools Verjee, events organisers at Blackwells Bookstore in Broad Street, Oxford, for a fabulous Chinese New Year event last Saturday! Hannah’s Chinese New Year decorations and delicious nibbles pulled in a lovely crowd, and Chester Choi and I had so much fun! Here are a couple of photos – more to come in the next website update at www.sarah-brennan.com!

Panda on Abbey Road!

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My panda Pandora (Pin Yin’s English cousin) is a mad keen Beatles fan! So as we left the American School in London and St John’s Wood, she couldn’t resist a visit to the Beatles stamping grounds just around the corner! Here she is at the famous Abbey Road Recording Studios where the Beatles recorded so many of their hit records:

And crossing the road with her mum, just like the Fab Four on THAT album cover!

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