Rulin Rabbit visits the Great Wall of China!

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Hello all you rampant rabbits and bouncing bunnies out there! It’s me, Rulin Rabbit, ready to take you all on a tour of the Great Wall of China! Now you’ll remember that it was my cousin Rhonda Rabbit and her thieving ways which prompted the Emperor Qin Shi Huang to build the first section of the Great Wall over 2,000 years ago – so me and my mum thought it would be fun to retrace Rhonda’s steps in our very own visit to the Wall!

This is the section we visited – the Great Wall at Mutianyu, built early in the Ming Dynasty in the 14th Century AD by the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.

Stocking up on water supplies before our journey…

And a quick chat with some furry friends before setting off…

Making friends with the ticket seller for the cable car to the hill top.

There’s the wall up ahead…

Here we are at the top of the cable car ride – about to begin our walk on the Wall!

Off we go!

Me and my Mum!

 Sentry post with a view…

That wall sure is steep…even for a rebel rabbit!

All hail to the Emperor!

Further and further we go…

Horsemen in the valley below – maybe  they’re the Xiong Nu raiders again!

We walked all the way down that slope!



Making a new friend!

This must be one of the world’s greatest views…

The final stretch to the top!

Another new friend – this time from Scotland!

Phew – I need a rest!


I’m the King of the Castle!

Looking back into China…and the long hop home!


Well, maybe there’s an easier way to get back down!








Oh no! The border guards have caught me!!





Phew! Saved by the bell! Thanks to Veronica for some fabulous photos!

And huge thanks to Karen Astill of Harrow International School Beijing for arranging the trip!

Thank you BCIS and Harrow Beijing!

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Wow – what a week! Huge thanks to Glenn Fitzpatrick and Rina Tamayo of Beijing City International School for two fabulous days of reading sessions, workshops and fun with everyone from the nursery kids to the Middle School students!

And hello to all the funny and fabulous kids of Harrow Beijing International School and their wonderful librarian Karen Astill. It was great to be a part of your Book Week celebrations – thanks so much for having me! Here’s Karen and me…or should I say Medusa and I, getting ready for costume day!

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