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A big thank you to teacher librarian Bryant McEntire, Kat and all the staff and kids at CAIS upper and lower schools for a fantastic TWO days this week! It was great to meet you all, and especially to meet in person so many competitors …and place-winners!… in my Clever Competitions! I look forward to more entries in the future!


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  1. Thank you for coming! I hope that we will have fun tomorrow! Can you take some photos?

    • Hi Bianca – I’ll upload some photos of the visit very soon!

  2. This was a fabulous day for CAIS! Thank Mrs. Brennan for inspiring us to read, write, and be more creative than ever before. We are looking so forward to Day 2 tomorrow. What a privilege to have you for two days. You’ll undoubtedly sleep well tonight!
    And congrats to the CAIS student body for a great Q&A session. Some very deep thinkers were present in body and mind today! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi
    I am Sarah from Grade 3 in CAIS!
    I thought u were sooo funny and I loved it when u read ur latest book.
    But it would have been better if Harry Harrison also came…
    But i enjoyed it a lot

    I made up some new rules for
    for some internations schools!!!!
    Ha ha ha

    • Hi Sarah – thanks for writing! I’m very glad you enjoyed the story! I’ll pass your comment on to Harry! I’ll be very interested to hear your new “Rules for Schools”!!

  4. What a blast,
    to have you come to our class.
    To read your new story,
    in all of it’s glory.
    I give you a ‘TEN’!
    Please come again!

    -Miss. Gibson (3G)

    • Thanks a lot!
      Your verse was hot
      So please be sure
      To write some more!!


  5. You are very funny. I love your stories!
    I have 1 question. How many books have you
    wrote in total?

    • Hello Lydia,
      I’m so glad you like them! I’ve published five Chinese Calendar Tales, two Dirty Stories and one funny book for Mums called Dummies for Mummies. So that makes eight! But I’ve actually written many more…they’re sitting in my pink plastic bag waiting to be published in the future!

  6. Hey,Sarah brennan,

    Why do you want to be a author?And will you come back to CAIS?I like you because you are really funny and awsome.

    Kayan Cais student

    • Thank you Kayan! I love being an author because I just love writing, and books, and I especially love working with kids! I’d love to come back to CAIS – maybe next year!

  7. Hi!
    I’m Natalie from G.3 CAIS.
    I love all your books!
    You are so funny!
    You nick-named me Naughty Natalie.

    • Hello Naughty Natalie! I remember my visit to your classroom. I’m glad to hear you love my books!

  8. HI,
    I am danny.
    I’m Brocoli’s twinbrother.
    You are soooooooooooo funny.
    You’re so creative!
    What is your favorite book that you wrote?
    I think you should write a book about daddies.
    For example maybe you can write a book called candies for daddies…
    something like that.


    Brocoli is my annoying twinsister,Sarah.

    • Hello Brocoli’s twin brother! I really can’t say which is my favourite book because when you write books, they are just like your own children, and a mother will NEVER say that one of her kids is her favourite. She’ll say “I love them all equally” and that’s the same for my books! As for that book for daddies….now that’s a fun idea! I’ll think about it!

  9. dear Sarah Brennan,

    thank-you for coming!!!!

    • It was my great pleasure Ionie…thank you for your lovely message!

  10. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    Thank you for coming to our school,C.A.I.S!
    I have a question,How do you get your ideas for your books?

    Boaz Li

    • Hi Boaz – it’s lovely to hear from you! I get my ideas from lots of different things. For my Chinese Calendar Tales, I get my ideas from Chinese history and from my childhood surrounded by animals. For my Dirty Stories, I wrote them way back when I was babysitting a huge family of messy kids!

  11. Hi,I love your books so much!My favorite is Chester Choi!But I also like Ronda Rabbit.I think you are so creative about the Chinese calender tales and everything,and cant wait till your over one comes out I wonder which one it will be?

    • Hello Campbell – it’s very nice to hear from you! I’m thinking of publishing a surprise new book this year…because next year is The Year of the Dragon and we’ve already got Chester Choi! So keep visiting my blog and you’ll find out some time soon!

  12. hi I am Renata in grade 3 in CAIS! you where so funny when you made the silly name my one is called Rotten Renata.You where funny too when you read the story Roanda Rabbit.

    • Hello Rotten Renata – that was fun wasn’t it! I love playing with words and it’s fun to alliterate with people’s names! So you could call your mum “Magnificent Mother” and your dad “Fabulous Father” and so on! I’m very glad you enjoyed Rhonda Rabbit’s story!

  13. Dear Sarah,
    Why did you call me Dreadful person?
    From Daniel,

    • Hello Dreadful Daniel….it was just me playing with words! If you read the posts from other kids, you’ll see there was also a Rotten Renata and a Naughty Natalie! But I’m absolutely sure that you aren’t dreadful at all! Perhaps I should have called you Delightful Daniel instead!

  14. Hi
    I am Queenkle and I really like you,
    I think you’re very cool and hilarious.
    I hope I could see you again and your books are great,when Miss Gibson told us to choose a book that you wrote,I didn’t know which one to choose!I love all of your books.
    I think I saw you b4,at my old school.
    But please can I ask you a question,what do you like about being an author?

    • Hello Queenkle,
      Thanks for your very kind message! I’m so glad you love all my books. What do I love about being an author? Well, I LOVE writing because it’s so challenging and so much fun. It’s also very exciting seeing your own book in print. And finally I LOVE working with kids because kids are so open and honest and make me laugh a lot!

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