Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies…

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Bunnies definitely rule in the Year of the Rabbit. So this month, my Brilliant Book is possibly the most famous book about rabbits ever written! Hop right away to my Brilliant Books page to find out all about it, then make sure you bounce to my Amazing Authors page to read about the grand old man who wrote the book, which seven publishers rejected before it was eventually printed, winning the Carnegie Medal in its very first year, then sellingĀ over 1 million copies within the next two years!

Taiwan kids have now entered the fray!

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The Rabbit Poem Competition is hotting up, with entries from Hong Kong, Singapore, London and now Taiwan! Hello all you clever kids at Morrison Academy Kaohsiung in Taiwan – welcome to my blog and to my monthly Clever Competition! I look forward to receiving lots of entries in my Competitions in the months to come!

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