Imagine a magical garden…and a friend who is a ghost!

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If you’d like to read a wonderful mystery story about a boy who discovers a magical garden, and makes friends with a little girl who is really a ghost, visit my Brilliant Books page right away! Then go to my Amazing Authors page for some fascinating facts about the author, who many people think is one of the greatest children’s authors of the twentieth century!

Rhonda Rabbit started hopping around Hong Kong today!

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Uh-oh! She’s EARLY!! Rhonda Rabbit, the very naughty bunny who is the star of my new Chinese Calendar Tale for the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, got a headstart today when she hopped all the way (with me of course!) to the Kiangsu Chekiang International School in Hong Kong! We had great fun with the Grade 4s, with workshops about publishing and writing stories about Imaginary Worlds, and the first ever reading of The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit! And we’re bouncing back into the school again to say hello to the Grade 5s and Grade 6s tomorrow and the next day – I can’t wait!

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