The Dog Blog begins!

April 28, 2010 at 1:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


My name is Bobby and Sarah Brennan belongs to me!  Being a modern dog in a technological age, it’s my humble opinion that all dogs should have a blog.  So here’s my first post.

Now my mum has set a competition where you have to write an acrostic based on your name. I reckon I’m as good a poet as anyone else, so here’s my acrostic:


Obedient (well I think so – don’t ask my mum!)

Beautiful (and modest!)

Benign (which means I wouldn’t hurt a flea – not that I have one!)


So what’s your acrostic going to look like? Send it to my mum at and see if you’re a winner!

Bye bye for now!



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  1. Good morning Bobby,
    About your acrostics: my name is Anne. Try this
    A = angelic
    N = nice [of course!]
    N = nearly [I can nearly do many things…but not well enough!]
    E = Hmmm! This is difficult. How about energetic? Well occasionally.
    Hugs to you young woofer.

    • Good ruff-ternoon Anne,

      Well that was a doggone great acrostic! I think it was

      F unny
      A nd
      B rilliant!

      A big Woof and a Lick to you!

      Your friend Bobby

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