Goodbye Ox, hello Tiger!!

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It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, and the wise old Ox is on his way out, ready for a good rest after a rather difficult year! And now it’s time to say a big hello to the TIGER!

Now they say that Tigers are very hard to resist! Like Temujin in my book The Tale of Temujin, they make charismatic and brave leaders, who love adventure and challenges, yet they also make sensitive and considerate friends. On the other hand, they’re also often unpredictable, and they can be very bad-tempered when they’re trapped in a corner! So it looks like this year, we might be in for a roller-coaster of a ride!!

Hold onto your seats!!

Hooray! Maggie and Methuselah is short-listed for the Golden Dragon Book Awards 2021-22!

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I’m so excited! The Marvellous Adventures of Maggie and Methuselah has been short-listed for the Golden Dragon Book Awards 2021-2022! The three other short-listed books look amazing, and I’m so honoured that my book is listed up there with them! Thank you Hong Kong ALESS! If you want to purchase your own copy of my book, just click on the link above!

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