A big hello from Chester Choi to all those Dragons out there!

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Chester Choi and I would like to thank all the fabulous kids and teachers of Dragon School, Oxford, not to mention the little Dragons at Lynams, for a lovely day of workshops, readings and fun! Many thanks to their fabulous librarian Rosemary King, Head of English Rachael Austen, and Headmistress Jane West at Lynams, for hosting me and my dragon and making us feel so welcome. Here are some dastardly Dragons reading up on their Chinese counterpart!

Thank you South Moreton Primary School!

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Thanks so much to headmistress Susan Gopall and to Sally Hills for organising a fabulous day! What with reading sessions for all the classes from the adorable kindies to the very grown up Grade 6s, a quick how-to publishing workshop with the Grade 5s and 6s and a talk to the dedicated mums, dads and teachers at a final workshop on encouraging reading in the internet age, it was a busy and very rewarding day! Sadly the kids were far too well-behaved, so my dragon Billy Boy didn’t get to eat anyone, but there’s always a next time! Thank you all for having me, and I look forward to your entries in my Clever Competition!

Hello South Moreton Primary School!

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Hello all you fabulous kids at South Moreton Primary School! I’m looking forward to meeting you all on Monday! And a special hello to Georgia in Grade 6 who I just met at The Bear Pub in North Moreton – watch out on Monday – I’d sit at the back if I were you …. you might get targeted!

This term, it’s all about PANDAS!

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Hello everyone – you’d better hang onto your hats this term! Pandemonium has broken loose and if you don’t know what that means, you’d better go straight to my Wicked Words page to find out! My new friend Pin Yin Panda, my old friend Chester Choi and I all head off to London tomorrow morning together for two fabulous weeks of school visits in Edinburgh, London, Oxford, West Sussex, Ascot and Surrey, two wonderful bookstore events at Blackwells Oxford and Blackwells Edinburgh and the official launch of The Tale of Pin Yin Panda at Edinburgh Zoo!  And if that’s not enough, next week we’re also going to meet Lord Patten of Barnes (that’s former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten to you and me) at the House of Lords to present him with copies of Pin Yin’s story for his eight grandchildren! Phew!

But never fear, you’re going to be busy too! There’s a brand new poetry competition on my Clever Competition page – and of course, it’s all about pandas! You’ve got till almost Easter to enter, so get thinking, start writing and above all, have heaps of fun!

A very Happy New Year to you all…and some fabulous news!

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Hello again! It’s a brand new year, and I’m just itching to tell you all the fabulous news!

INTRODUCING the heroine of my latest book, The Tale of Pin Yin Panda –  Pin Yin herself!!

Pin Yin is the brainiest, most beautiful panda in China…or so she likes to think! She’s VERY vain – so vain in fact that she thinks the coming new Chinese Year should be The Year of the Panda! Read all about her adventures in my new book, just out in Hong Kong stores this week, and available very soon where you live!

I’m very excited to tell you that Pin Yin’s book is being officially launched at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland at Chinese New Year, when Pin Yin and I will be able to meet the real Edinburgh Zoo pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang! Make sure you keep visiting my blog for all the news and photos over the coming weeks!

But never fear all you devoted fans of Chester Choi! He will be flying with me all the way to the UK in just two weeks time to visit some fabulous schools in London, Surrey, Oxford, West Sussex and Ascot to celebrate the new Year of the Dragon!

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