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  1. hi im katelyn you came to my school today i foggot the next topic for writting a story can you please tell me

    • Hi Katelyn – I’ll be telling everyone the topic this weekend when I post it on my blog! So keep visiting this weekend and you can find out all the details!

  2. I like the sounds and looks of your website, the background is so funny!

  3. HI SARAH BRENNAN!! I got a bookmark from you and i really like it!!
    I am from Richmond West Primary School!!

    • That’s great Sophie – now go and read lots and lots of books!

  4. hi SARAH BRENNAN!! I saw you today at my school!!

    • Hi Sophe- I really enjoyed my visit!

    • Well in that case Sophie, I must have seen you too! Thanks for writing!

  5. Hi Sarah thank you so much for visiting our school today. We all appreciate your visit and we hope we will see you again. I can’t wait until I can publish my own book. Thanks for the inspiration

    • Chelsea you are hugely welcome. I thought your school was rather inspirational too! Let me know how you get on with your writing, and do make sure you enter my competitions – the next one will be posted shortly!

    • Thanks Chelsea for your lovely comment! I loved visiting your school and hope to see you all again sometime in the future! Keep up the great reading and writing and I’m sure you’ll be publishing your own books one day!

  6. Sarah Brennan is funny

  7. Where do I enter the poem competition? thanks Catherine from DGPS

    • Hello Catherine. It’s easy to enter the competition – just click on the Clever Competitions page above, and it will tell you all the rules for entering. You still have till the first week of June, so I look forward to receiving your entry soon! Thanks for writing!

  8. Hi,sarah. You must be so tired on visiting soooo many schools, you’re probably lying on bed now!

    • Hello Fiona and thanks for your kind remark! I’m actually sitting up working now, but I must admit that I do sometimes take a little nap after I’ve visited a school!

  9. Hi Sarah! at school we are doing a Y6 exhibition…. it’s so tiring!! we only have 3 weeks to get all the TRUE research and make the presentation without ANY help!! my teacher says it’s the assessment of all assessments! (im currently finding some info)

    P.S my exhibition topic is waste if you were wondering (every group has to have a topic)

  10. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    i really loved the story you read to us.
    your story of how you loved writing is very inspiring also

    • Thank you so much Anthony – it’s lovely to hear from you. Keep up the good work reading and writing and you may well end up an author too!

  11. Dear Sarah Brennan,
    you visited Hong Lok Yuen International School Today.
    It was awesome.
    When is the next competition

    • Hi Gabriel – it’s lovely to hear from you and I’m so glad you enjoyed my visit! I’ll be posting details of my next competition just before Chinese New Year so keep visiting my blog and I’ll post all the information shortly!

  12. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    I’m a huge fan of you, I got all of your books. You are great!

    • Thanks Rocky – I’m so pleased to hear from you! Keep up the great reading!

  13. Thank you for coming to our school today! May I know about the details for your next competition? Many thanks!

    • That’s my pleasure Valerie! The biggest tip is to read lots and lots and lots of books!

  14. Sarah, I am a student in Diocesan Girl’s Junior School. I still haven’t handed in my reply form for ordering your books, I know I am very late. Can you please tell me your address so I can post it to you. Please reply me at my email. Thanks.

  15. Hi Sarah, so lovely to see you again at the restaurant after all these years!!! I’ve really enjoyed exploring your website and smiled at the description of your childhood home – I can remember hearing the distinctive calls of your peacocks across the paddocks! I’m teaching at the Cottage School in Bellerive, next time you’re in Hobart it would be lovely to catch up πŸ™‚ Kath

    • Hi Kath – it was great to see you too! We will definitely catch up next time I’m in Hobart – hopefully in March next year! All the best, Sarah

  16. Hi! You came to my school today! I really enjoyed your visit. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to doing the workshop with you! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Lena! I really enjoyed seeing you all too! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow or Thursday!

  17. Dear Sarah,
    Can you do a book talk for me at Clovelly Public School. Please phone Garry Scale 0412 048992
    Thank you

    • Thanks Garry and will contact you shortly. Best regards, Sarah

  18. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    I like your stories very much , especially the monkey one . Can you please tell me the ways to become a successful writer ?

    • Thanks Benedict for your lovely post! The very best way to become a successful writer is to read and read and read, lots and lots of books! And to practice writing, as much as you can! See my Top Tips to Become a Writer at the top of my blog for more ideas!

      • Thanks. I will work on it

  19. Hi Sarah Brennan!
    I really like your stories and i feel that i am really lucky to have you coming to my school to share your entertaining stories with us!

    • Thanks so much Christie! That’s very kind of you! I really enjoyed meeting you all again!

  20. Hi Sarah!
    How are you doing? You just came to our school today! The paper copy was just a draft: not including your specific stuff. Hope you enjoy that piece as a leisure, not competition!

    • Hi Sze Long, just read your story which I thought was great! But you’re right, it did miss some vital ingredients from my Clever Competition page so I’m glad that you noticed that and will be submitting a different draft into the competition. Well done you for checking what was needed! I look forward to your formal entry!

      • πŸ™‚ Thanks for noticing

      • Almost ready for publishing the real competition πŸ˜‰

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