China Photos

One of the best things about my job is that I live in Hong Kong and I get to visit the Chinese mainland to visit lots of schools! Sometimes I’m lucky enough to visit some beautiful Chinese landmarks. Of course I take my Chinese Zodiac animals with me, and they love to hog the limelight in all my photos! Take a look at the links listed to see just some of them!

The Forbidden City, Beijing, November 2010

YuYuan Garden, Shanghai, May 2011

Tai Hang Fire Dragon, Hong Kong. Mid-Autumn Festival, September 2011

The Great Wall of China, November 2011

The Jade Buddha’s Temple, Shanghai, November 2013

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, February 2014

Rodney Ram meets the Five Rams of Guangzhou, September 2015


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  1. hey these pics are fab maybe i can go there one day!

    • I hope you do Abby! Let me know how you enjoy your visit!

  2. Cool Sarah!

  3. Hi Sarah
    How do we invite you to come to our school to give a talk to our students and present your book . We are a school based in Shanghai , China. I know you will be visiting our city for the International Literary Festival on March 10.

    • Hi Sam – it would be lovely to visit you all and i do have a couple of dates left. I’ve written to you separately about this at your gmail address. Sarah

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