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It’s a brand new Year of the Rooster, and all the roosters in the world are crowing the news! So what better time to announce a brand new Clever Competition, based on that very noisy bird! This time, I need you to write me a story about a Rooster – but as always, I want you to add in some additional tasty ingredients! Here are the guidelines:

  1. THE STORY (these are the things you must include to achieve the highest marks possible when I judge your story)
  • You need to write a story of no more than 1000 words!
  • The main character has to be a Rooster!
  • Your Rooster has to display the characteristics of people born in the Year of the Rooster! Here’s a quick summary: roosters are talkative, noisy and active, and love being in the spotlight. They’re also hard-working, brave and very proud of their looks and their talents! They can also be very boastful! But they are also intensely loyal, and always keep their promises, making them devoted friends.
  • Your story MUST be set in China somewhere – and I would like a really detailed description of your setting, not forgetting the season and the weather! So you’ll need to do some research!
  • You must also include an inquisitive bulbul (look it up if you don’t know your birds!), a ball of string, the colour coquelicot (again, you’ll need to research what that looks like!) and a fire of some sort!
  • Please give me lots of detail about your characters – not just what they look like, but a bit about their personality, their history and why they are like they are!
  • Make sure that you have a great story structure: I need a great beginning, an interesting problem or conflict or challenge, the development of that problem or conflict or challenge, a thrilling cliff-hanger or climax, a great resolution which makes sense, and a  memorable ending!
  • AND you must use at least 5 of my Wicked Words (see my Wicked Words button above) correctly in your story!
  • Lastly, you must give your story a TITLE.
  • For some great writing tips to make your story really stand out from the crowd, see my Story Writing Hints on the button above!



  • Use unusual fonts – Times New Roman is best
  • Add in pictures or photos or illustrations – it’s only the writing that will be judged :);
  • Add in borders, blocks, shapes or other formatting tools (which are often hard for me to erase if you are a winner and I want to publish your story on this blog);
  • Plagiarize or copy someone else’s story or ideas – I am only interested in original writing from your own imagination! If anyone does plagiarize, I’m afraid it will be reported to your school and you will be disqualified from entering my future competitions;
  • Use toilet humour or bad language – I don’t appreciate it and I’ll mark you down – or even disqualify you if it’s a bad case!



  • Please note that the competition is only open to primary school aged students – in school or being home-educated;
  • Please type your story out and make sure that on your story, you include your name (first name and surname), age, class at school, name of your school and campus if your school has more than one campus. Also the city and country as I receive entries from all around the world;
  • Please type it on a Word document (please do NOT use Google Docs) or type or cut and paste your story into the body of your email;
  • Email your story to me at;
  • The deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday 30 April!



  • When you send in your entry, I will acknowledge receipt with an email. If you do not receive that email within a week, please make sure to let me know at;
  • Entries will be entered into one of two Categories: Grades/Years One to Three, and Grades/Years Four to Six. Because my competition is international, and many children in international schools may be older (or sometimes younger) than the median age for those Grades/Years for different good reasons, I do not use age as the criterion, and the number of years spent in school gives a fairer result overall;
  • Judging will commence on the day after the deadline date. Please be patient and check my blog from time to time to see when the results are posted. Better yet, you can subscribe to my blog (see Home Page) so that you will be automatically notified when the results are out!
  • I am the only judge, and my decision will be final. No correspondence disputing results will be entered into.



  • All schools involved will receive an email notifying the names of all of their students who entered the competition and their placings where relevant;
  • The writers of the best six entries in each Category will notified by email individually, and their stories will be published on my blog on this page! This will make the writers world famous right away, as whenever I post the results, people from all over the world visit my blog to read the winning entries!
  • The overall winner in each Category will also receive a FREE SIGNED copy of one of my books (they get to choose which one :)) which will be sent to his or her school for presentation in assembly.

So get ready, get set and GOOOOOOOO! (as the pig said to Rickshaw Rooster in my latest Chinese Calendar Tale!



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  1. Hey Sarah, I’m from BHS, Hong Kong! Remember Mrs Leone? Mrs Kam? Well, I’m so terribly sorry but you can’t access my site…….Only BHS students and teachers are allowed. STill, I filled it in, right? BTW, the site is all about migration………would you like to write a book on migration? That would be cool, and you could say ‘Inspired by Karen Ng’s site details’ or somethin’! There couldn’t be anything more wonderful than having your own books PUBLISHED and sold worldwide…….I mean, I’ve written around 30 books (10 series of books, including:Celebs 4eva, Sports 4 life, Cahills rockz and School guide (in this series, there are 3 books, one for teachers and one for children and finally, one for parents. They all are guides)! I will send the books over to you asap! I don’t have your email………What is it? Can you email it to me? Call me Kgirl, that is my nickname. Thanks, I love Chester Choi!


    • Wow Kgirl – that’s amazing! 30 books! That’s more than me! How old are you? I think migration would be a fascinating subject for a book – but I have to get to the end of the Chinese Calendar Tales first! You can contact me at Keep on writing! Sarah

      • Dear Mrs.Brennan, I am a chinese, is their anyway to improve the grammar and the structure of the sentence?

        I don’t like reading books about fairy tales and fiction books.

        I like reading history books, and Bermuda Triangle those stuff.


      • Hi Lasandra – what a great name you have! The best way to improve your grammar and sentence structure is to read and read and read a lot of well-written books. See my list of Brilliant Books for my recommendations of some beautifully-written books. The more you read, the more you will unconsciously absorb the style of the writer and the rules of good writing. I love history books too, but I particularly enjoy well-written historical fiction, where fact and fiction blend in a fascinating way. Thanks for writing to me!

      • ms sarah, it’s Annette from Canadian international school at singapore lakeside, just wondering what is your email s that i can send my writing to u?

      • Hello Annette! You can send to I look forward to reading your story! All the best, Sarah

      • Did you get who won yet

      • Hi Sarah
        I just hope that your daughter and your dog get well soon

      • Hi, Sarah By the way where are the results of the Halloween poem competion anyways it’s past the date

      • Hi Annette, you can find the results of ALL my previous competitions in the link on the right hand side of my blog page, in the relevant year. So for my Hair-Raising Halloween Competition results, click on the 2015-2016 page. Enjoy!

    • Hi Kgirl-
      How old are you? You’re so amazing.

      • I agree Hillary. Thirty books are a lot! But I know a friend who writes excellent poems. She’d win the Snake competition for sure!

      • What’s her name?

      • Hey Hilary are you from SJS (I am too!)

    • Wow hi I am Abby I want to be a writer and am working on some books also kgirl your really cool

  2. mindful





    • Wow Marie, that was an impressive acrostic and spot on too! Thanks for your entry!

  3. Dear Kgirl if you are still on this blog here goes:
    If you want to publish something then you can go to HarperCollinsKidsBooks and you can send your draft in Email. But I cannot guarantee that you will be 100% suscessful because the draft has to be approved by the editor (I think). Most of the time if you get through publishing your first book then it will be very likely they will publish your second book.
    By the way I’m from Hong Kong also and I’m still working my way through my first book.
    Hope the information helps & Sarah Brennen Books rocks!
    Yan Yan

    • Thanks Yan Yan for your very useful comments and I hope that Kgirl is still reading this blog! Another useful hint if you want to get published and need to know all the “rules” is to buy the Artists and Writers Yearbook 2010 as this is full of useful advice and information from how to write a proposal letter to a publisher or agent, to how to present your manuscripts, and even how to market your book after it’s published. Best of luck with your first book Yan Yan!

      • Hi! -Anneseptember- How do you um post the poem?

      • Hello Anne-mette – all the information is on my Clever Competitions page if you click on the link above! Take a look and let me know if you still have any queries!

    • Yan Yan:

      Can you give me both the e-mail and the website? I have a best friend just love writing.

      Thank you!!!

  4. Dear Sarah,
    next time for the competition can you post a short story contest?
    I’m horrible at acrostic poems and bored out of my tree in Hong Kong.
    Yan Yan

    • Hi again Yan Yan – I think that’s a great idea and we’ll look at doing that very soon. In the meantime, don’t get bored! Get yourself a great book!

  5. Dear Sarah, The princess name is precious.Rida recspet ,kind,angry,happy,sad,bored,unhappy,bashful,excited,bad.

  6. Always happy
    Loves singing
    Especially Excited
    X-ercise’s alot
    Icecream is my favourite
    Smart at English

    • That’s a really cute entry Alexis. But can you please send your entry to my email address or I won’t be able to contact you directly if you’re a winner! Write to

  7. Dear Sarah this is my acrostic poem:
    Hard at working
    Always concentrating

  8. dear sarah
    i give up how old are you?

    dearest ashley

    • As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth!

      • how old are you?
        you clue is giving a clue at all.
        Anyway thankyou for chosing me as a runner up in the bunny poem.

      • It was my pleasure Jainil – your poem was terrific!

      • do you like the girinmo stiltion and diary of a wimpy kid series? They are fabmouse. They both relased a new book. the pumpkin theif and the ugly truth.Diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules movie is finally can watch the trailer in youtube.Why dont you give it a go?

      • Hi Jainil – I think the Geronimo Stilton books are very clever and great fun! Not so keen on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books – but so long as you move on to reading bigger and better books they’re not a bad stepping stone!

      • can you write a book about cats and dogs.They are both adorible pets.

      • I agree – they’re rather cute! I’ll have to think of one!

  9. matthew

    merry adorabol trific at maths tereble at chopsticks heathly enviromentol friendly writes trific pomes

  10. Dear Sarah,
    Where can we buy your books if we can’t order them?

    • Hi Stephanie – you can order my books off my website – just click the kids’ books page and click on the book you want, then scroll down to the bottom of the details about that book – you’ll hit a website for Bookazine which you can order from. Or you can go to any bookstore like Bookazine, Dymocks or Page One which all stock my books. I hope that helps!

      • hi sarah you came to my school churchie and im the one who was in the front row and told you how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood im just asking if you remember me

      • Hello Cooper – of course I remember you! How could I forget someone who said “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” so fast!! Thanks for writing!

  11. whats youre next competitions sarah brennan

    • Hi Danish – now that would be telling! I’ll let you know when the current competition is ended at the end of this month. Have you written an acrostic yet? Why not join in and see if you can be a winner?

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I’m the winner of the short story competition, Yan Yan. I’m so surprised that my name came up as Yan Yan Ma, not Yan Yan Li. Did I type something wrong in my email???????
    Yan Yan Li >_<

    • Oops forgot something. BTW, my full name is Li Yan Wa and I’m from Canadian International School of Hong Kong.
      Yan Yan

      • Hi Yan Yan – I amended the blog – hope I got it right this time! And congratulations again – it’s a great story! Your signed copy of The Tale of Temujin will get to you this next week! Keep on writing!

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  14. Hi Sarah,

    I was surprised when you came to school today, I read Chestor Choi and it was so funny I laughed so loud that I couldn’t stop for 5 minutes!!
    By the way, if you are wondering what school I am talking about is Shatin Junior School!

    • Hi Devan – thanks for your lovely comment! I’m so glad you like The Tale of Chester Choi – it’s one of my favourites too! I had such a great time at SJS today and look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!

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  16. Thanks for picking me for the winner of the Limerick competition. I really enjoyed doing the poem and hope you post up a new competition so thx for picking me and bye!

    • You’re very welcome Brittany – it was a great limerick. But you need to let me know which book you’d like as a prize! Visit my website to choose your book and email me soon so I can send it to you!

  17. Hi Sarah!
    I just wanted to tell you, your books are the awesomest ones in the whole world! I MEAN IT!

    • Hi Chelsea – what a lovely comment! Thanks so much! Sarah

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  19. Where do you write the story for the compitition?

    • Hi Sydney – when you’ve written your entry for my competition, just send it straight to me at and I’ll enter it! Then I’ll let you know by the deadline date whether you’re one of the ten winners who’ll have their entries published in my blog! You might even win first prize and get one of my books, signed and send to your home address!

  20. there were some scary halloween ones and some crazy ones! But they were all awesome!
    From shiho
    I love your blog! great story about temujin!

    • Hello Shiho and Aika – I think the entries into my Haunting Haiku competition were great too! So … it would be great if you entered my new competition titled “IF”! Give it a go! Sarah

  21. Dear Sarah do you think this would be good enough for the contest!!!
    I admire you and feel like im talking to a moovie star when I
    write to you!!!
    I would love to be writer like you when I’m older I love reading, Poetry, and all round english Im 10 and was wondering how old you have to be before writing a book.


    • Hi Annabel – thanks for your great entry into my competition! But remember, you must send it directly to me at NOT to my blog! I’ve cut and pasted your entry so it’s in the competition now and I’ll let you know by the deadline date if you’re one of the ten finalists! And thank you for your lovely comments too! You don’t have to be a grownup to have a book published! See my blog dated 9 September 2010 to find out all about a kid aged just four who had her book published!

    My Pop/Grandfathers 80th Birthday is in 2 weeks and I need to get him a present. But he said he dosent want anything but for me. So I decided to write him a poem thats where the problem steps in…
    Please help me:)

    Annabel Jeffery

    • Hello again Annabel: What a wonderful idea to give your grandfather a poem for his birthday! He’s going to be so happy to get his very own poem, written with all your care and love. Why don’t you write a poem entitled

      I love my Pop because…

      Then you can list all the reasons you love him, and even make it rhyme! If you don’t want to make it rhyme, you could write an acrostic poem, maybe using the letters P O P or maybe the letters of his first name! Give it a go and let me know how you get on! And please say a big Happy Birthday to your grandpa from me!

  23. Dear Sarah Brennan,
    I’m Gabby I am 10 years old.
    And you recently came to my school AISS.
    I really enjoyed you reading the tale of Temujin to us!
    I was the one who walked out of the theater and then came back.
    I was a TIGER!

    • Dear Gabby – I remember you well, especially that tiger-like prowling as you left the room! Glad you liked Temujin – I’m rather partial to him myself! I’ll be sorry to see the Year of the Tiger end in February, but there’s a really cheeky bunny around the corner so that will be fun too! Sarah

  24. Dear Sarah,
    Can we submit more than 1 entry for the Christmas writing Competition?
    Your whatever you like,
    Yan Yan ^_^ 🙂

    • Whoops and sorry can we do some toilet humor (e.g. your nose falls suddenly down the toilet)
      Yan Yan 😆

      • Hi again Yan Yan – toilet humour is a tricky subject. I know a lot of kids find it very funny, but as an adult I usually find it a bit silly and not that funny. HINT: Always remember the golden rule of writing for success: when you’re deciding the topic and the tone of your writing, KEEP YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE IN MIND AT ALL TIMES. I hope that helps!

    • Yes Yan Yan you can – I look forward to seeing them!

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  26. I am from P4M and I am a student that you vist my school today.
    I wish to enter it because you made me want to enter it.
    Thanks for that Sarah!
    I would like to buy your books but maybe my parents will not buy for me.
    That’s the end of my massage.I will not forget all the things you said this morning.
    From Ingrid that is eight years old.

    • Hello Ingrid – it’s lovely to hear from you! I really enjoyed visiting your class today! I’m so glad that you want to enter my competition and I can’t wait to see your entry! Don’t forget to send it to my email address by the end of the month! And don’t worry if Mum and Dad can’t buy the books – there will be copies of all my books in the library at school.

  27. hi how many books have you wrote

    • Hi Alec – I’ve published eight in all so far – five Chinese Calendar Tales, two Dirty Stories and one Dummies for Mummies!

  28. Hi Sarah,

    Your books are amazing. You came to our school on the 31st March. Rhonda Rabbit was great. Guess what school?


    • Hmmm… let me see now….31st March…that would be…..KENNEDY SCHOOL!! I’m glad you enjoyed Rhonda’s story!

  29. hi you went to our assembly on Jan 10 hi when are u write anorther book

    • Hi Alec – it’s great to hear from you! I’ll be publishing another Dirty Story later this year – keep reading my blog and you’ll hear all about it!

  30. Hi its Madeleine from Kennedy School Hong Kong I was wondering how do you summit a piece.

    P.S. could you get back as soon as possible I would really appreciate that thank you.


    • I’m sorry I now know the answer



      • That’s great Madeleine – I look forward to your entry!

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  32. Hi Sarah,

    It’s me again, Bianca from CAIS, I’m so glad that I made it in the runner up with my friend Rachel and also Chioma (Gloria) in third place. I want to tell you that my slastname is spelled C—H—U—I, because it’s shown like chIU on top.

    Thank you,

    • Thanks for letting me know Bianca – I’ll change that right away! Sarah

      • Thanks, Sarah! I can’t believe that you change it right away, because some people, especially when they are famous! Thank you very much because I just simply dislike when people mix it up into Chiu!

      • It’s my pleasure Bianca – I don’t like it when people mis-spell my name either so I perfectly understand!

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  34. Dear Sarah,
    Hello, I am Cara in KCIS, I want to ask how to buy books online?? Hope it still has the discount!!!
    Best wishes

    • Hi Cara – we’ve almost set up a paypal facility on my website – it won’t be long now! I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s up and running! In the meantime you can buy my books at all good HK bookstores and also on and

  35. What is the least amount of words in this competition?

  36. Hello sarah I am a P6 from Lantau International School.What is your newest competition?

    • Hi Laura – nice to hear from you! The newest competition is all about chocolate and Emperors! See my Competitions page on my blog to find out how to enter!

  37. Dear Sarah,

    I just have a question about this months clever competition, and by the way I am so excited to start writing about CHOCOLATE and a Chinese emperor. Did you know Chocolate was my favorite food? Anyway, my question that did the emperor have to be a real one from Chinese history. Thanks

    • Hi Gloria – no it doesn’t! It can be a marvellous mythical Emperor if you want!

  38. I am going to compete.

  39. Hi Sarah Brennan!
    When is your next competition gonna come out?
    I am really looking forward to it!

  40. i forgot, when is compitition NO. 10 OVER???

    • Hi Cara – it finishes on 31 may – so get your entry in fast!

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    • Hello Miss Hatcher’s class at Morrison Academy – I hope you’re all hopping with lots of ideas for my Clever Competition! I look forward to lots of chocolatey Imperial stories soon! Warm regards, Sarah Brennan

  42. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    I was wondering that dead line is tomorrow, so is winner’s posted tomorrow? And, can other people send you the story tomorrow?

    • Hello Sedric – the deadline is midnight tonight (31 May) and I’ll be judging the entries tomorrow and posting the results very soon after! So keep on visiting my blog and you’ll see the results soon!

  43. compitition 11?

    • It won’t be long now Cara – just wait a bit longer while I judge the last one!

  44. when are the winners of the competitions’ winner come out, the reasult?

  45. Hi Sarah!
    I am called Hye-An.I know it is very hard to say my name.But I made my english name as Chole…Only my special friends call me Chole but people at my school just calls me Hi…They call me Hi An!My actuall name is Hey An but please write it as Hye-An!I am a korean girl and I love to read your books.I am a christian.When I grow up I would love to be an author like you!I also want to be a doctor at the same time!!!!!!!!I just forgotte the date of your writing competition,I really wanted to join……….well I hope you can reply me back,
    BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. I cant wait to see your books that I ordered!!!!!

    • Hello Hye-An – thanks for your message! My last competition closed at the end of May, but never mind…there will be another one announced very soon! Keep visiting my blog and you’ll find out! I hope you enjoy all the books you ordered!

  46. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    Will we have a competition during the summer !!!

    • Hi Gloria – there’s a competition running now! Go to my Clever Competitions page to find out all about it! Happy Summer writing!

  47. Hi Sarah, How ru? Do u still remember me? call me lulu that is my nickname!


  48. Hi Sarah
    will there be a competition in December?
    If there is could you please tell me and also my name is Simran from Kowloon Juniour School

    • Hello Simran, lovely to hear from you. I will be announcing another Clever Competition in January so make sure you keep checking the blog and I’ll let you know the new topic as soon as possible!

      • Hi Sarah
        When will you come to Kowloon Juniour School is it in during Book week I think so but if not when are you I’m looking really forward to seeing you
        P.S I’m in Yr 5 if you’re talking to different Groups in different times.
        Your biggest fan

      • Hello Simran! It’s lovely to hear from you! I’ll be starting my Hong Kong Schools tour in February and hope to see you all at KJS then!

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  50. Dear Sarah,
    what is your favorite type of poem?


    • Hello Libby – I love all sorts of poems, but I like writing best in rhyming verse! What’s your favourite type of poem?

      • My favorite poems are acrostics.

      • I love acrostics too – they’re great fun to write!

  51. which chinese calendar animal are you?

    • Hello again! I was born in the Year of the Rat – I’m a typical Rat too! What year were you born in?

      • i was born in the year of the snake

      • Well it will be your year next year!

  52. I like the other people’s stories and I think they are great!

  53. Thank you for your blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  54. What is your chinese animal; i was born in april 2001 so what is mine?

    • Hi Amna – if you were born in 2001 that makes you a Snake!

  55. dear mrs. brennan,
    I would like to join the writing poem competition all because I want a signed book and I also love to write,also, I really like comedies,so I am showing you a poem about Pippa the panda who hates the zoo.I hope you’d enjoy it!

    • Hi Nicole – that was a FABULOUS panda poem and I’m entering it into my competition right away! Can you please write to me at to let me know what age you are and in what grade at RCHK?

  56. Hi, Mrs. Brennan.
    Remember me? I am from Quarry Bay School year 4F, which is Mr.Farmer’s class. My name is Jin Sol Lee. Because I’m Korean,it might be hard for you to say my name. I’m sorry I don’t have an english name. Now as you no all about me, after you reply I’ll write a poem.

    • Hello Jin Sol – I do remember you and I’m delighted you wrote! I’m looking forward to your poem – but if it’s for the Panda Poem Competition remember to send it to me at!

  57. I am very interested in Sarah Brennans clever poems.

    • That’s great Ranen – I look forward to seeing your entry in my Clever Competition!

  58. Dear Sarah Brennan I like to read books especially mysteries!

    • Hi Vineeta – I love reading books too, and I love mysteries as well!

  59. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    it was fun on that day i can’t wait till next year
    P.S:what will you write about next year.

    • Thanks Bryan! I can’t wait either! Hmmm, now what’s the animal of the zodiac next year? I’ll give you a hint…Hisssssssssssssssss!

    • Hello Bryan – I’m so glad you had fun! I’m going to write about a Snake next year!

  60. Hi sarah,im Kaiitlyn and i really want to enter your competition.I love reading,did you know that? Anyway,my question is what do i need to doto enter your clever competion/

    • Hi Kaitlyn, it’s great to hear from you! All the information about how to enter my Clever Competition is on my Clever Competitions page – just click on the tab at the top of the blog! And on the right hand side, underneath all the different competition headings, you can find more Clever Competition Rules. Best of luck!

  61. Very good!

  62. Dear Sarah
    Thank you for sharing the tale of Pinion Panda with us. It was funny and enjoyable the story you shared with the year 3’s and me. Are you going to write another tale?
    If you are I would be delighted to here it at any time.

    From Rohan

    P. S. I am at Discovery College.

    • Hello Rohan- thanks for your lovely comments! I will be writing another Tale very soon for the Year of the Snake next year! Have a great year at your fabulous school!

  63. Hi Sarah, My name is Sebastian. Im from Discovery College. I was wondering when are you gone a come back to discovery college to check who’s the winner for the competition?

    • Hello Sebastian – I’d love to come back to Discovery College! But I can judge the competition on-line and will be writing to all the schools to announce the winners at the end of March!

  64. Hi Mrs.Brennan
    I really love your book they are amazing like off the hook And I was really inspired by your fascinating books.I have seen you in DC (Discovery College when you were reading Pin Yin panda

    • Hello Faizaan – wow, what a lovely comment! I’m so glad you like my books!

  65. Hi Sarah,
    My name is casey and really like your books. I have sent you a entry for the competition and was wondering how many people have entered so far?

    • Hi Casey – we’ve had over thirty entries so far – I can’t wait to read yours!

  66. Dear Sarah,

    I want to write my Panda poem but I can’t find your email address.
    Can you tell me where it is? Where shall I wrtie my poem?

    Thank you,


  67. mmmm i have a question what if we don´t have word?

  68. Hi Sarah,
    you just visited my school, discovery college and i really liked your new book.
    I just wanted to tell you that in primary is that we have to write the poem about panda bears and it is really fun writing poems but you wont get 90 poems from each year level our teachers will just pick the top 5 from every class. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!! and i hope you get to see my poems!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Maya – well that’s going to be fun! I can’t wait to get the Discovery College entries! So glad you love my books and I DO hope your poem is a finalist! Sarah

  69. Hi Sarah,
    I just read the Tale of TEMUJIN and Pin Yin Panda. They were awesome, especially Pin Yin Panda! I think you’re one of the world’s best author! Your books are very creative and fun to read! Your books are filled with cool and creative words! I made a draft for my acrostic poem and I can’t wait to send it and for you to read it. I really hope I win.
    From Giulia!

    • Thanks so much Giulia! It’s lovely to hear from my fans!! I look forward to that acrostic panda poem! Keep up the good work!

  70. i can’t wait for the results for the panda competition!!!

    • And I’m looking forward to judging it! Be patient…it won’t be long now!

  71. i am looking foward….. Iwonder who is going to win?!!!!!!! I love you Sarah!!!11

  72. Hello, Sarah, I’m Harry, I am from AISHK, I loved your author visit!

    • Thanks Harry – I had a lot of fun! Thanks for having me!

  73. Dear sarah,i’m soooo glad i won first prise! However,i can’t think of a book out of all the good books you wrote! Any suggestions?

    • Congratulations for first prize

      I read it just now.

    • Hello Kaitlyn – take a look at my books on the Kids Page on my website at and see if there’s one there you haven’t got yet! My latest one (The Tale of Pin Yin Panda is great fun and also has stickers if you don’t have that one yet!

  74. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for putting this competition on! I didn’t win but I improved my poetry a lot better

  75. Hi Sarah, I want to thank you for giving me 3rd place in my age group!!!! And Also what will I win??????

    • Hello Pamela! It was great to meet you the other day! You win publication on my blog!! The first prize winners receive a free signed book – so you must make sure to enter next time and see if you can win first prize!

      • Hey Pamela,
        Congratulations on 3rd place.

        -Victoria from AISHK

  76. So fun doing this. I improved my poetry skills :]

    • That’s great Victoria – as they say, practice makes perfect!

  77. Dear sarah,
    I know a lot of kids ask you this question,but now i want to know for myself. What is your age? I don’t mind if you give my a super challenging maths question!

    • Hi Kaitlyn – there’s already a super-challenging maths answer on one of the pages of my blog hidden in the Comments – see if you can find it!

  78. hi there, could i add in the word bathroom?

    • HI Kaitlyn – bathrooms are just fine!

      • Just entered!

      • Great! And it’s an excellent entry!

  79. I Just made 2 books and a website!

    • Wow Hillary – congratulations! You will definitely be an author one day!

  80. Hi Sarah. I love to write and I have written alot of short books and a few private websites with my friends. My longest book I have written in year 3 is forty pages. I reallllllllllly want to be an author and I am wondering, is it hard to publish a book?

    • P.S I looked at your Brilliant Books page and I am reading Swalllows and Amazons. I love it!

      • That’s great Gabby – my daughter loves the series too and keeps re-reading it!

    • Hi Gabby – it’s great to hear from you and I’m delighted to hear about all your books and your writing! Publishing isn’t very difficult if you have the right team of illustrators, designers and printers, but it is fiddly and time-consuming and of course, costly, and it’s easy to make mistakes! That’s why most authors choose to get an agent to present their work to a publisher who specializes in their kind of book.

      • Hi again Sarah. Thank you for replying so quickly. My favourite chapter book seiries is Harry Potter. My favourite picture books are your Chinese Character Tales. My dad likes them too, especially Run Run Rat. What is your favourite chapter book seires?

  81. When is your birthday?

  82. i love reading and writing books

  83. Thank you so much for giving me the honourable mention in the jade dragon competition! I really don’t know what to say!

    • It’s my pleasure Gabby – your poem story was quite wonderful!

  84. Hi Sarah! I just wanted to say how good those stories were! I can’t believe how many of your wicked words the young writers can use! I think I need to start checking out your wicked words! Do you remember when you came to Shanghai American School Puxi last year? I do! I can still find my entry on your site- the haiku about spring! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Kelly – it’s lovely to hear from you again! I totally agree – the stories were so great, weren’t they! And the wicked words are a lot of fun to use so make sure you keep checking them out!

  85. I just wanted to add- I know I’m too old now to enter the Clever Competitions, but it’s still fun to read all the great stories!

  86. Dear Sarah,

    You are my #1 fan.

    love Emily

  87. Hi Sarah,

    The competition was so fun! I was waiting a long time and thank you for mentioning my name!

    Victoria 🙂

    • My pleasure Victoria – I look forward to your entry in my next competition!

  88. Sarah,

    whats your favourite book besides your own? My favourite series besides your series is, “The Inheritence Cycle” I’m sorry if I spelt it wrong. The Series is about a boy called Eragon who finds an “Cyrstal” which is really a dragon egg. It then hatches and he finds out a million things! He can do magic too, and fight with a sword.

  89. dear sarah
    i dont have any more books to read. WHAT SHALL I DO!!! im soooooooooo bored at home and nothing seems to be as fun before. can you suggest something for me to do?

  90. Hello Chorki – you can do some writing! I’m just about to post the summer writing competition so you can write me a fabulous story! And if you need some tips as to how to get writing, see my Top Ten Writing Tips for Kids – I’ll be posting Top Tip Three tomorrow!

  91. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    When are you going to post competition no.16? I’m bored now with nothing to do.


    • Hi Hillary – in just a couple of days’ time – hang in there!

  92. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    I already e-mailed you my entry, I corrected it. I e-mailed you it on Oct 5! Please enter my entry!

    With thanks,
    Hillary Lo 🙂

    • Hi Hillary – don’t worry! I’ve entered it already! Well done for doing a good edit!

  93. sarahbrennan i want to join your competition

    • Hello Ditto! I’m sorry but you’re too late for my autumn haiku competition. I’ll be posting another competition soon though, so keep visiting my blog and I’ll let you know the details very soon!

      • coolio!! (quoted from Grubbs Grady and Bill-E Spleen from the Demonata)

  94. Hi Mrs Brennan,
    when is the next competition coming out? I’ve nearly finished my book (To Kill A Mockingbird) and I am starting to become bored. Thanks!

    • Hi Jemima – have patience! I’ll be posting it at the beginning of next week (18 November)!

  95. Hi Sarah, do you remember me, at the australian school i came after you reat pinyin panda, and told you that one of my books will be published.

    • Yes I do remember you! Make sure you send me a link to your book when you’ve published it – it’s a fantastic achievement!

  96. isn’t there a competition tomorrow? if there is is it a poem or a narrative???

    • Yes there is Isabelle, and I’m about to publish details of it right now!

  97. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    How can I publish my book? I want my books to be in the book stores and everything like your fantastic books. I had already finished 4 books and is starting to write another one. Please can you help me publish my books?


  98. Your books are so good I burst my head off! OOOOHHHH! That’s the coolest book I’d ever seen!

    • Well thank you Hillary! I hope your head is still in tact!

  99. Can I do Garamond for the font on the Martian Christmas competition? The reason why I can’t do New Times Roman is because my Word doesn’t have New Times Roman as a font. Thanks!

    • Of course you can Jack – Times New Roman is what I publish on the blog but if you can’t use it yourself, anything clear and easy to read will be fine and I can change it my end if you’re one of the winners! I look forward to your entry!

  100. hi sarah thank you so much for visiting AIS i really enjoyed the tale of pin yin the panda!!!!

  101. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    Can you enter my entry for the competition no.17? I’ve sent it to you a long time ago! Have you entered it?

  102. Hi Sarah,
    Do you remember me? I am the 3rd place winner from your Jade Dragon Competition and one of the runner-ups for your autumn haiku compettion.
    Can you tell me when you’ve my entry for Competition No.17? I’m waiting a long time for you to enter my entry!!!!!!!!!
    Please can you check my entry?

    With thanks,
    Hillary LO
    (Y4.2) (SJS)

  103. When are you coming to visit SJS Year 4?

  104. Hi Sarah-
    I’ve wrote 4 books. How many books have you written?

    P.S I’ll send them to you.

    • Hi Hillary – I’ve written lots of books but published just 9. Congratulations on all your writing – that’s fantastic!

  105. Hello Sarah ,
    i’m a student from Sha Tin junior school and i really enjoyed your visit to sjs on the 29th. Any way are there any compititions to join now because i really want to enter and my momk says i am a good story writter so if there are plz let me know!!!!
    🙂 thanks


    • Hi Hafsa – thanks for writing! I had a great day at SJS! I’ll be publishing details of my new competition in a couple of weeks, so keep visiting my blog or sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be notified shortly!

  106. When are you going to post the next competition?

    • I’m bored and I’ve finished reading all my books!

      • Hillary – go to the library and find some more books!!! There are always more wonderful books to be read, believe me!

    • Hi Hilary – in a couple of weeks! It’ll be a great one! Keep visiting the blog or sign up for the newsletter and I’ll let you know soon!

  107. Sybil Snake is fantastic! I’ve finished reading it after the book launch!

  108. My friend called Pranali Joshi participated in this competition and is mentioned on this page. Good Job Pranali!

    • Anyway, your books always entertain me without fail every year! I love your books!

  109. Dear Sarah Brennan, thank you for visiting Doncaster Gardens Primary School today. I really enjoyed hearing your story about the tale of Sybil the Snake. I hope one day I can write books like you. I was born in the Year of the Rooster and I was wondering when you will write a book about roosters? From Emily Hopp, Grade 2A.

    • Hello Emily – it’s great to hear from you! I’m so glad you enjoyed my lovely Sybil Snake! The Rooster comes 10th in the Zodiac so I’m afraid I won’t be writing his story till 2017! But you can get a sneak peek at his face in my Tale of Pin Yin Panda along with all the other characters in the Chinese Calendar Tales! Keep on writing!

  110. Sarah Brennan,
    Please can you post the new competition?

    Hillary 🙂 :+

  111. Sorry, I forgot…… My teacher’s name is Mr. Martin!!!!!!!!

  112. Hi Sarah! i really like your books! i can’t wait to enter the snake competition but i have a problem- how do i attatch a word document to you or how do i get my entry to you??? please help!! i really want to enter cause your books are soooooo cool!!! BTW i still remember the visit that you came to my school- SJS i hope you can come again!

    • Hi Angel – glad you like my books! YOu just need to type your entry on a word doc, then send it to me at – but make sure you add your age, grade at school and school details on your document! Happy writing!

  113. Hi Sarah! i weally love your books!! thay are my top no.1 now!!!! i think my favourite tale was pin yin panda but i did’nt read you newest book yet- sybil snake because it has’nt come to my school yet!! can you please tell me when are they going to arrive- my school is SJS because i am really Eager to read!!!

    • Thanks Angel for your lovely comments! I’m proud to be at your no. 1 spot!! I’ll be at SJS very soon so you’ll be able to hear Sybil Snake then!

  114. “Hi Sarah. This is Kerry Law (Chinese teacher) at DGPS in Melbourne, I just spoke to Kathy Given about this competition, I would like to encourage students in my Reach classes (Advanced) to write in Chinese as well. Is that possible ?”

    • Hi Kerry – I’m so sorry but I don’t speak Mandarin so would be unable to judge their entries. Could they enter in English but add on the Chinese version? If any of their English entries are in the top ten for their age group (and if my computer and blog will take it which I don’t know at present), I could publish their winning entry on my blog in both languages. What do you think?

      • Yes I will definitely can work on that, and encouraging students to enter the competition.

      • That’s fantastic – thanks Kerry!

  115. Dear sarah, can we do more than 1 entry for your competition please!!

    • Hi Angel – you can write as many as you like, but you can only send in one! So it’s best to write a number of them then choose the best, or maybe ask a teacher which they think is the best, then send it in!

  116. Dear Sarah, i was just wondering if you got my email for the snake competition-email adress is you did then that’s great!

  117. I’m really excited!!!! I can’t wait for you to come next week and read us a good tale of sybil snake!!!!!!!!

    • Are u in GSIS too?
      I’m in Y06B

  118. Sybil the snake wasn’t a very good book… Can’t you write a horror story?

    • i thought it was really good!!!

    • Me too! It’s a funny book! I think it’s great!:)

  119. Please can I mention your name in my story???????????

  120. Dear Ms. Brennan,

    3A from CAIS has read the rules and we are ready to get to work creating original poems. The best ones will be submitted to you 🙂

    • That’s fabulous Miss A – I look forward to reading them!

  121. Dear Sarah, in case you haven’t got the details for the competition (if i win) are- age 10, Shatin junior school, Lai Wo Lane, FoTan , my name is angel wong and my teacher is Mr.Hyde HOPE I WIN!

    • Thanks Angel – I’ve got your details and your entry and will write to you soon!

    • Are you in Year 6? I am in SJS Year 5!

  122. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    Are you coming to replace our school visit because you didn’t come because you were sick last time you were planning to come?
    Hope you will:)


    • Hi Hillary – yes I will be coming – we’ve rejigged the dates so I’ll be seeing you all again soon!

  123. just asking if you have my details for the competition-sorry! i forgot.If you have’nt then they are on top of hilary’s comment

  124. Hi Sarah Brennan,

    Are you coming to our school(Shanghai Singapore International school)for the author visit? You were supposed to come but our library teacher,Ms Kateryna,told us you were not coming because you were sick. But I liked the bookmark you sent to us:)

    • Hi Joyce – I’m so sorry I couldn’t come. But I’m arranging a replacement visit for October/November so I hope to see you all then! Thanks for writing!

  125. Hi Sarah, I think you must be busy now because you hardly ever go on your blog now!

    • HI Angel – i’ve been a bit ill lately with a nasty flu which took a long time to get better! But now I’m back to normal and am really happy to be starting my school tours again tomorrow! Keep visiting the blog – it’s going to get VERY BUSY!!

  126. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    I’m so sad! My mom says i’m going to change to a different school next year but you are only coming to our school next year and not this year! Will you be going to SHSID(Shanghai High School International Division) the puxi side one?

    • Hello Joyce – I’m really sad to be missing you too! I’ll be back in Shanghai in November, but I guess you’ll be at your new school by then. I don’t generally visit high schools as my books tend to be more for primary school kids, though I do sometimes give writing workshops in high schools. Why don’t you talk to your English teacher or librarian at your new school and see what they think?

  127. Hey i am the girl from the back of the room in LIS who asked you how old u are.I will love to wright a poem for snakes with my friends Demi and Taylor omg i am so sorry my name is Bella and i wright stories in my own time too but my computer broke down completely and i am using my mums i also come from Australia and England! Thanks so much as well for putting that picture of us with the snake skin on your blog haha.


    • Hi Bella – it was great to meet you and I can’t wait to post that photo as soon as I have a copy of it! I look forward to your entry in my competition!

  128. Hi Sarah its Demi and taylor you visited us today by the way is it ok if we use calbri body font for the snake poem competition because we dont have greek please reply soon sincerely demi and taylor

    • sorry i thought it was greek not roman font were so sorry

      • Please don’t worry! I make mistakes myself, often!

    • Yes Demi and Taylor, calibri font will be fine if you don’t have Times New Roman!

  129. hi! remember me? Alice from lantau international school? i was ther on your left hand side on the blue tables! i was the one with a pink hat and with glasses. when you read those books to me i was fasinated. they are so touching and i would love to get one or two of your books. i really hope i will win. and i hope it gives you a feeling.


    • Thanks Alice and I well remember you! I look forward very much to seeing your entry in my competition!

  130. hi Sarah! when are you going to visit SJS again? all of my friends are asking me for your sybil snake book i ordered. They really want to read the story!. Please come again soon cause your last visit was TOTALLY AWSOME, by the way when will you announce the winner’s for the poem competition?:)

    • Hello Angel! I”m actually coming to SJS again quite soon – just ask your teachers and they’ll tell you when! I’m glad you all like Sybil Snake so much. I’ll be announcing the winners of my Poem Competition in early June, before school breaks up for the summer!

      • wow! that’s great!!!.

      • Thanks Angel!

  131. Hi, I am a student from BHS. I just listened to your talk today and found publishing a book really interesting. As my teacher says how good story planning is a how it is brief you exactly said the same thing. I love your books and too bad my Mum and Dad doesn’t let me to buy them!

    • Never mind Jaime, you can always read my books – and lots of other good books too – in the library!

      • Yep! But I would really like my own copy!

  132. Hi! I’m from BHS and I want to know how many entries are we allowed to enter and if we can type our entry on a google odc and share it with you!:)

    • Hello Ida – you can write as many poems as you like, but please just send the best one in! Please write your poem on a word doc. and send to me as an attachment to an email. I don’t do sharing on google.doc. I look forward to hearing from you!

      • Hello again! I just realized that I don’t have the font times new roman so can I use another font called WIDE??? Thanks.

      • Yes that’s just fine Ida!

  133. Hi Sarah! what is your favorite book in the ones you wrote?? my favorite is Chester Choi. And what is the best book you ever read??

    • Hello Angel – I always say to kids when they ask me which book is my favourite that my books are like my children, and good mothers NEVER tell their children which one is their favourite – they just say, I love you all equally, but for different reasons! And I guess that’s how I love my books too!

  134. Hi! I’m Talisa, I’ from Renaissance College. I LOVE your books because it is so……. I don’t know how to say it because your books are so amazing.

    • Hello Talisa – what a lovely comment! Thank you! I LOVE comments like that and think that my fans are pretty amazing too! Keep on reading and writing!

  135. Can I join your competition!! Can I join???

    • Of course you may Talisa! Just click on the Clever Competitions tab above for all the details!

  136. I really like your books! They are full of humor and makes me laugh all the time. I thoroughly enjoyed Pinyin panda and Sybil Snake, and next year it it going to be about a horse! I am born in the year of the horse. I love to write short poems about everyday life. They aren’t very good, but I just like to and no matter how much my friends get at me, I cant stop. Especially when I am bored.
    I am so excited in joining your writing competition this year! Last year I joined and hopefully, this year, my writing has improved. I really enjoy writing stories, so I also hope to be an author when I get older!!!
    – Nicole

    • Thank you so much for posting on my blog Nicole! It’s lovely to hear from someone who loves writing as much as I used to when I was your age! Just keep on reading and reading lots and lots of good books (take a look at my Brilliant Books page for some suggestions or ask your lovely librarians at RCHK for inspiration) and keep on writing your poems (which I’m sure are better than you think :)) and you’re sure to end up an author like me!

      • I agree, Sarah Brennan’s books are so amazing, fantastic and the best always in the whole universe.

  137. Hi Sarah! one question- for the competition (the snake one) can we write a story but writing it as a poem about a snake doing something?. Like, you talk about the snakes catching weapons and stuff like that but in the format of a poem but tells a story? please!!

    • That will be just fine – so long as it’s a poem, and it’s about a snake, and it fits the word limit, it’s okay!

  138. Hi Sarah! i checked with my teacher and he said you will be coming to SJS to read only to the year 1-4’s. Since im in year 6 it’s a real shame!:(

  139. Hi again Sarah! can you please tell me your age please! were doing a homework on your favorite author and we have to do an essay!! please!!

    • Hi again! i saw your calculation of your birthday, it’s soo hard!! i ended up with decimal numbers!! ughhhh!!. It’s soooo frustrating!! please can you give me some clues please!!.

      Thanks! Angel

    • Actually, i figured out your sum for your age! but don’t worry, i won’t tell promise!:)

  140. Thank you so much for saying my poem was good.

  141. Sarah,

    I like your story sybil snake,but some of your stories does not have happy endings.
    Actually,I like sybil snake best.

    Thanks,Vivian 3.2 sjs

    I am a new user and I want to know the others.

    • Hi Vivian – I’m so glad that you like Sybil Snake’s story! But ALL my stories have happy endings – perhaps you haven’t read them all yet? Take a look at the books in the library and you’ll find out!

  142. HI Vivian – if you want to subscribe to my blog, just click the tab which says “Follow my blog” and you can then receive a notice every time the blog is updated!

  143. Hi Sarah, i heard that you came to SJS yesterday. Sadly, it is only for 1-4’s (I am in year 6) but i still look foward to the competition! i just finished writing my entry!.

    • Hi again! I look forward to reading your entry very much! And even if you’re in Grade 6 you can still read my books – make sure you catch the latest book The Tale of Sybil Snake – it’s in all the shops now!

  144. Sarah,

    how about writing “The year of the lion”?

    • But Vivian there is no such thing as the Year of the Lion!!

  145. write a super dirty story!The children will like it!
    to sarah

  146. To Sarah,
    do you write the competition entries on your blog or you write it in a piece of paper?

    sorry, I’m driving you crazy by to many texts and comments.
    im a chatter box.

    • Hi Vivian – no problem! You type it on a word document and attach it to your email, or just email me directly with the poem typed in the body of the email. Please email to me at

  147. Hi Sarah! did you get my entry yet?? i sent it to you by email on a word doc!

    • Angel I did – thank you. I think I wrote to you about that today!

  148. Rachel that’s a fun poem but it can’t go in the Competition as it doesn’t follow the rules! Look at the rules on the Clever Competitions page and have another go, only make sure you send it to the address specified in the rules!

  149. (SIGH)I always feel so bored

    • Vivian – go and get yourself a great book to read! Then you’ll stop being bored right away!

  150. hi I’m from dbis hk in y6 amazing school right
    do you have instagram. if you do can you please follow me my username is josh_hunter_11 or you could do josh_the_hunter_2 thanks 🙂

    • Hi Josh – it’s great to hear from you. I’m sorry but I don’t have Instagram. If you want to enter the competition, you do have to follow the rules on this page and send your entry as a word document attached to your email, or in your email itself, to the email address set out in the rules! I hope to hear from you again soon!

  151. Hi!! Sarah!! i can’t wait till the results are out for the competition!! what is your next competition going to be???

    P.S how are we going to get the prize if we win?

    • Hi Angel – the results will be announced in the 2nd week of June! My next competition will be my summer story competition for kids who want to do some fabulous writing over the holidays, but I haven’t picked the topic yet! If you win my competition I’ll write to you to tell you, and we can then sort out sending you the book of your choice!

  152. Hi Sarah! a riddle for you: my horoscope is capricorn, my birthstone is tanzanite, my birth date is 24…. what month is my birthday in?

    P.S is your birthstone ruby?? and is your horoscope leo or cancer?? if it is….. COOL!! 🙂

    • Is your birthday December 24th?
      If it is that is the same as my Mum!

      • I’m afraid not Neha! I was born in July.

      • Yeah!:)

    • You’re very clever – my birthstone is ruby and my horoscope sign is Cancer! Well done!

    • Your birthday is in January

      • December, same as me!

      • Cool!

  153. Hi Sarah!!!!! i can’t wait till the competition results!! could you tell me how many entries you’ve got so far?????

    P.S do you like riddles? i just love reading and guessing them! 🙂

  154. Hi Sarah!! in case you didn’t know, my comment is above two of yours….. i have no idea why!

  155. Hi Sarah!! um, for your next competition, can the topic be about ice cream and the sun?? but please PLEASE! does it have to be a story? im terrible at writing stories!

  156. hi Sarah!! are the results going to be out on June the 14th?? if it is……
    I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 🙂

  157. Hi Sarah! sorry if im sending you too much comments, i was just wondering what is the prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category. Could you please tell me?

    Cheers, Angel

    • Hi Angel,

      1st prize is a free signed story, and 2nd and 3rd gets a publishing on the blog!

      • Thanks Hilary!

        but what do you mean by a publishing on the blog?

      • You get to be on the blog and when the whole world goes on this blog, they can see your name and your poem.

  158. Hi Sarah! is hairsplitter a word? because i keep hearing my friends talk about it and i’m getting confused!

    • Hello Angel – yes someone can be a hair-splitter if they are always splitting hairs! To “split hairs” is to be extremely fussy when you are arguing a point. So for example someone who says that my dog Bobby isn’t a cocker spaniel, he’s a GOLDEN cocker spaniel is someone who is splitting hairs!

  159. Hi Sarah, I’m an EA from BHS, Hong Kong and I was given the task of sending the chosen snake poems from the year 4 students to you. However I’ve attempted to do this multiple times but have been constantly getting a “mail delivery failure” due to an apparent fact that your mailbox is too full. Is there another way to send these poems to you? The students were really eager to write them!
    Kind regards!

    • Hi Kannis – try sending them again to my main email address – I’ll send you that to your email address! I look forward to reading them!

  160. Hi Sarah! Did you judge the entries yet? I’m so excited!

    P.S are the results going to be announced on the fourteenth of June?

    • Hello Angel – I’ve got lots of entries now, including yours. I’ll be posting the results within a week of the deadline date!

  161. Hi Sarah! I’m Kaitlyn. I’ve entered 2 of your competitions and won both of them. I’m looking forward to entering this one as well!

    PS: I just won another writing competition. The prize is…. I’m going to get my book published! It’s called the Sparkling Swans, if you want to buy it.

    • Wow Kaitlyn – congratulations! That’s fantastic news! Why don’t you send me a photo of you and your book and a bit of information about what it’s about, as well as your school, age and grade, and I’ll write a post on my blog about it!

  162. Hey Sarah,
    Do you remember me? I just entered your competition last Saturday. I saw on that you’re not allowed to copy. Sorry I just copied the title, but really, I cannot think of one! Does that count? Or is it okay or am I banned for two years?

  163. Hi Sarah! I was just wondering do you HAVE to have a title for your poem?

    • HI Angel – no you don’t. You can just call it “Snake Poem” if you like!

  164. Hi Sarah! I have written 2 poems and cant decide which one I should enter. Can I enter both?

    • Hi – thanks for writing! I’d rather you chose which one you like best – but if you really can’t choose, I’ll let you send both just this once!

  165. Sarah,
    I’m turning Year 5 now, though I’m still mucked up! I hope my poem will be better than the first one.
    On July, I am going to Japan. I’ll try to make up a poem for that?!!

    • That’s great Fiona – I look forward to it! Have a great time in Japan!

  166. Paddling hard,
    Feel the water rising beneath me,
    And it pulls me down under.
    As I try to resurface,
    It starts to rain.

    A single raindrop,
    A drop of life.

    I wrote this poem above!
    I am a friend of Hillary.

    • Tiana that’s a wonderful poem – thank you. But it isn’t about a snake! If you want to be part of my Clever Competition you must stick to the rules!

      • Hi Sarah,

        Tiana is my BFF. Can she enter the next competition?


  167. I never win! Does that mean I don’t improve?

    • Hillary I haven’t finished judging yet so be patient and wait for the results to be published!

      • Did I improve?

  168. Hi Sarah! When will you finish judging? Is it the person with the most points win?

    P.S how do you get points?

  169. Can the next competition be a story?

  170. Hi Sarah –
    I haven’t been able to enter any of the recent competitions – partly because I don’t know how! Would you mind getting back to me and outlining how?
    – Isobel Yeaman

    • Dear Isobel – you need to type up your entry and send it to me at as an attachment. Please make the attachment a Word document, or type your entry into the body of your email. The next competition is coming up soon so keep visiting my blog or I’ll let you know by newsletter!

  171. what’s a short story?

  172. Hi Sarah! I was just wondering what was a short story and how do u write it


    • Hello Angel – a short story is just that…a story which is short! For my new clever competition, that means no longer than 1000 words! Get busy and get writing!

  173. Hi Sarah can u please tell me what’s a short story? I’m really confused about this! And for the competition, I don’t really get it. Does it have to be about the forbidden city? Or is it like this, e.g. A rumor was once spread through the forbidden city hundred of years ago, a story on how a secret changed this city……

    P.S please please tell me what’s a short story because I saw we could only write one thousand words!

  174.  Hi Sarah, I was just wondering does the competition story have to be a real one with a real secret that actually happened before? And does the setting features, like a king and emperor and those stuff have to be real or does the whole thing can be fake except for the setting?

    • Hi Angel – no it doesn’t have to be a real secret – you can make one up! and it doesn’t have to be a real Emperor either! That’s the beauty of writing fiction – you can entirely make up the characters from your imagination! The same for the time period in which the story is set – it can even be set in the future with aliens occupying the Palace!

  175. LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how are you?

    • Hello Vivian – it’s lovely to hear from you! I hope you have a great holiday this summer!

  176. Well what I meant was can we add like a wireless tv in our story or does it have to have real features. Does the setting have to be when there were actually people living in the city, or is it now?

    • Yes Angel of course you can – the story can be as is is now, or how it was in the past, or even how you think it might be in the future!

  177. Hi Sarah! can we add violence to our story, like killing people… just to make it scary. can we also add like souls and ghosts to make it even scarier?


    • Hi Angel – I have no objection to you bumping a few people off in your story so long as it’s done tastefully and without too much gore to frighten the little kids! Looking forward to your entry!

  178. do we have to have a title and story chapters and paragraphs in our story? do we also have to have beginning middle and end with paragraphs or can it be one whole blob or a lot of different spaces?

    • Hello again – you will definitely need paragraphs, and a beginning, middle and end, as these are essentials in any story. But you won’t need a title unless you want one (I always think it’s nicer though) and you won’t need chapters either for a story of this length.

  179. Hi, when are you going to post your next competition?

    P.S Do you remember me? I’m Hillary from SJS.

    • Hello Hillary – of course I remember you well! I’ll be posting the next competition VERY shortly so keep visiting my blog and you’ll see the details soon!

  180. I am making my own series book! Thinking of some ideas

    • That’s a great idea Joshua – good luck with it!

      • Thanks. I already am writing the second book!

  181. Hi! Mrs. Brennan
    Remember me? I am Rachel Chui from AISHK

    • Hi Rachel – thanks for saying hello! It’s great to hear from you!

      • I want to make my own novel , what should I do ???

      • Hi Rachel, That’s a truly great ambition – well done you! There’s no easy answer to your question! But the two things anyone wanting to write a great book needs to do – right away and for the rest of their lives – is to start reading lots and lots of different books, and to practice writing as often as they can – be that in a diary, or a writer’s notebook, or just practicing writing stories! You should also enter as many writing competitions as you can! Take a look at my Writing Tips for Kids page above for more great ideas!

  182. hi Sarah
    I’m from dbis

  183. Hi Sarah,
    I am interested in buying one of your books and thanks for coming to Quarry Bay School to tell us all about you and reading the pin yin panda.

    From Hermia, Class 2L, Quarry Bay School

    • Thank you Hermia! It was lovely to meet you and I hope you enjoy your book! Happy Reading!

  184. Hi! You came to my school a couple years ago… SAS (Shanghai American School) if you’re wondering. I won fourth place with my friend in second grade… that would be 2010 I think. I am trying to reach an older contest the one about emperors and chocolate. How do I find it because I really want to send it to my friend (Victoria) who wrote the story with me. The story was called: The Emperors’ Food Fight.

    • Hello Elle – it’s lovely to hear from you again! If you go on the blog home page, then scroll down the list on the right hand side, you will find the Clever Competitions tab with some dates under it. If you click on the 2011-2012 tab, you’ll find the Chocolate and Emperor’s competition at Number 10. Happy reading!

  185. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    My name is Poppy (it’s actually a nickname but that’s what people call me by) and I love writing! It’s also my talent. I won two of the competitions at school and I like writing for fun. I started writing when I was six years old, and I wrote my first book then. It was about an owl. Then when I was seven I began a series called Detective Blackie. I’ve started many stories (I have a bad habit of starting lots and not finishing them). The ones that won the school competitions are called Garth and the Dragons and Panda’s Adventure in Beijing. I have a notebook with short stories in it, such as The Mysterious Box and Banana and the Peculiar Triangular Creature.
    Sorry that I wrote so much, but I don’t know exactly how many books I wrote!
    I also really like reading. At the moment I’m reading an encyclopedia about animals, and I’ve read most of the Warriors series. I’ve read over 50 of the Geronimo Stilton series, and more. My whole family likes your books – especially me and my dad!
    I hope you don’t mind my writing so much – as I said, I like writing.
    From Poppy

    • At the end I wrote ‘I hope you don’t mind my writing so much’. I meant, I hope you don’t mind that I wrote so much! Haha.

    • Poppy it’s great to hear from you, and I’m very glad to see that you’ve entered my latest writing competition! I can’t wait to do the judging after Friday this week! Thanks for telling me all about your writing and reading – I’m sure we’re going to see your books on the shop shelves in the future – well done!

  186. Hi Sarah,
    I am Alvina from DGJS. I am very happy to meet you in the talk at school. I look forward to reading your books.Thank you for telling us the story”A Black Horse” at the talk at school. I like the way you rhyme the words with each other. Also, the illustrations of the illustrator is very creative. From Alvina

    • Thanks for writing Alvina! I’m glad you enjoyed my talk and hope you like the books too! Have a great summer holiday!

    • Dear Alvina,

      I think that you a big fan of Sarah’s books! right?
      Please Reply!

      Love, Lavinia

  187. Hi Sarah when is your next comp? I really want to enter one soon
    thanks, Sara

    • P.S My mum said that ur comming in for book week next term for book week I’m really looking forward to it!!!

      • Yes Sara I’ll be visiting your school on the 25th August! See you then!

    • Hello Sara! I’ll be posting my next competition just before I come out to Oz in August. So make sure you keep visiting my blog – or if you’d like to subscribe for my newsletter I will notify you by email! Make sure you check first with your mum that that is okay!

  188. hi sarah brennan
    hi my name is madhura i just finished primary school and i really wanted to enter in you tree competition but im not sure if i can because its only for primary students, so can i still enter

  189. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    It’s me, Hillary!
    Since it’s summer holidays, for your 23rd competition do I enter with my grade before summer holidays or after summer holidays? Thank you!
    From Hillary

    • Hi Madhura – as it’s still the summer holidays in many schools, if you get your entry in quickly before the new school year starts you can enter under your old Grade 6 class status. Just make sure you get it to me before school starts again! Hope that helps!

    • Hi Hillary – if you can get your entry in before the school year starts, you can enter under your grade as it was in June! Looking forward to it!

  190. Hi Sarah,

    My daughter Jemma and I were up the back at the fabulous talk you gave at Chatswood Library the other day. As an illustrator I was so impressed with your informative talk encompassing history and your books with such enthusiasm. Bravo! Jemma has today sent in a tree poem. I note in to blurb that you are from Tassie. So am I, so naturally I wondered where you grew up as I grew up in the 60’s in Launceston but travelled alot to Hobart and the northeast. Feel free to write to me at my email if you want to keep private info out of your blog. I’d love to send you some pix, just for fun. Regards, Diana Reynolds

    • Dear Diana – thanks for your lovely comment and I’ll write to you at your email address! I’d love some pix – thank you! All the best, Sarah

  191. Thank you for coming to are sj Malvern on the 25th August

  192. Sarah this is AMAZING news for all of us! So happy for Sonia on winning the first place! I am travelling to Shanghai next week to give her that special hug for this feat 🙂 Your competitions are a great contribution in motivating young children to write. I am reading all the poems posted here and thoroughly enjoying myself.

    • Thank you Rumana. They are wonderful poems aren’t they. Who said that poetry was dead?

  193. Dear Sarah Brennan,

    I am Lavinia from Think International School. Remember? Well, I have typed so many books I can’t even count! But I am sure I have typed more than 60 books. My school is suspicious. We would like to know who won the writing competition.

    Reply Soon!

    Love, Lavinia

    P.S. I lost my tooth! I put my tooth and a letter that I wrote to the tooth fairy and guess what. She replied! Her writing was so beautiful! She said that no job is too hard (Well, something like that!), that there are many fairies that do lots of sorts of different things and she said that she was glad that I liked tooth fairies! She wrote T.F. so beautifully!

    • Wow Lavinia – I’m very envious as I always wanted to meet the Tooth Fairy when I was a kid, and while she left me lots of coins, she never wrote me a letter! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply but we moved house in December and boy, was I busy! I guess you’ve seen the results of my last competition now. Keep visiting my blog and you’ll find details of the next competition in ten days or so!

  194. Dear Sarah Brennan,
    I’m Hillary from ShaTin Junior School, remember? It’s been some time since I have seen any post on your blog.
    I’m making some stories while waiting for your next competition……I wonder when it will come. It’s OK if you’re busy lately because I saw your Rodney Ram book at BookaZine some time ago. Your books are forever lasting creative;), aren’t they? I just love how you write your books. Still, at least I can read and write all holiday! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
    P.S. Happy HOLIDAYS!

    • Hello my friend! We didn’t have a writing competition this Christmas because I was moving house to Tai Po and that kept me very busy indeed! But I’ll be publishing details of my next competition in my blog in about 10 days’ time and will send you a newsletter then to let you know! Hope to see you at one of my launch events for Rodney Ram!

  195. l saw you at school today Sarah.

    • And I saw you too Flynn! Hope you enjoyed today as much as I did!

  196. ram comp sorry about spelling

  197. i saw you at school the other day(LEPS). i was sitting behind the boy you were talking to about the things Rodney Ram was saying to the ewe(in the book).

    From Maya

    • Hello Maya – it’s lovely to hear from you and I hope you enjoyed my story reading! I’ll write to you about your entry in the competition at your email address!

  198. dear Sarah Brennan
    i remember you came to Cranbrook last Thursday i wanted to tell you how long have you been a author for.Have you ever been to the scots college to talk about some stuff

    from matthew jabbour

    • Hello Matthew, It’s great to hear from you! I really enjoyed my visit to Cranbrook last Thursday – it was fabulous fun! I haven’t ever been to Scots College though I DID go to Scotch College in Melbourne two years ago! Keep in touch, and do make sure you enter my Clever Competition!

  199. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Marissa. You came to my school (KJS) a few weeks ago. I am a great fan of yours and I entered the Shaggy Sheep competition – I hope I win. I love writing and I hope to be an author when I grow up, but I always start stories that I don’t finish because of Writer’s Block – it’s really annoying!!! Anyway, your story Rodney Ram was very interesting and I ordered Pinyin Panda. It’s very good!!! I like your use of rhyming words and the re-run of the race was very funny!

    From Marissa 🙂

    • Hi Marissa – thanks for writing! I’m so glad you’ve entered the competition – that’s a smart way to practice your writing! The best way to avoid Writer’s Block? It’s easy! You just have to PLAN your story before you start writing it, and you’ll never get blocked again! Keep on reading lots and writing lots, and I look forward to seeing your books on the shelves some day soon!

  200. Dear Sarah Brennan,
    Thank you very, very much for giving me third place, I am over the moon! Next week, we are having book week at school, and it is going to be a week of books and fun, and even Purple Cake Day! I love entering your competitions, and these days I am reading my old books as my mum said I can’t buy any more, which is sad, but at least I get to read! I am going to walk back and forward doing nothing, and be extra sad next year, because I’m not going to be able to enter your competitions! It’s funny as I think about when I was small and worshipped you, and now I still do! But I am mostly younger than the Year 7s next year, because I am born in December, and I will be 11 when I am Year 7. I get so sad seeing that 11 year olds can still enter, but I will ALWAYS still send my poems to you for fun, when I’m older, because I LOVE DOING IT! Thank you for giving me the chance of winning a place!


    • Dear Hillary, what a lovely blogpost. It’s been a real honour having you enter my competitions over the years and watching you develop into a wonderful writer. And I know it’s a pain that my competition finishes when you go up to Grade 7 BUT please don’t worry! I’m going to be promoting competitions for older kids on a special new page on my blog very shortly, and that will give you more competitions to be getting on with! In the meantime, you’ve still got one more competition you can enter and I”m posting the details very soon! Keep visiting my blog and you’ll be able to see all the details.

      • Really – you are in Year 6 right now? I am 10 years old and I was born in February 2005 and I am in Year 5. But I can see that you are a brilliant writer because I have seen your competition entries and they are marvelous!

      • Hi Marissa,
        Thanks for your lovely comment! I’m sure you’re very good at writing as well! I saw your comment above and I can see that you really love writing stories. You are very lucky, because you still have time to enter the competitions. Hopefully, one day I will get to read your writing!

      • Marissa,
        I’ve seen your entry now as well. Congratulations on winning a place in the Shaggy Sheep Competition. Your poem was great, snappy and I loved it.

        From Hillary

  201. Please enter your next competition! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • YES PLEASE!!!!!!!! 😉

      from Aiyesha

      • pls enter ur next comp. thx! 🙂 😉

      • Have patience my friend… I’ll be posting it shortly!

      • Patience, patience, I’ll be posting it very soon!

      • Thanks! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

      • Me 2! Ur competitions are 2 cool!!!!


  202. hi

  203. Cool! I am going to enter your new competition! 🙂 😉

    • Fantastic – can’t wait to read your story!

    • Hi Marissa,
      I think I saw you on the Young Post website. Could you tell me your email because I want to ask you some questions about the Young Post Writers? I liked your answers for the Brain Game! And your story was brilliant, you used a lot of adjectives! Thank you so much!

      P.S. My email is

      • Hi Hillary,
        Sorry for not replying earlier! You can email me at
        Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  204. Hi Sarah, I’m in year 7, but I was wondering if I could enter this competition just to improve my writing skills and to get feedback from an author, and by any chance will there be any competitions for year 7’s and above?

    • Hi Madhura – of course you can write up a great story and send it to me! But sadly I won’t be able to enter it in the competition! Don’t worry – as soon as I can I’m going to track down some competitions for older kids that you can enter and do a special blog page on this.

  205. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

    • That’s great Wes – I hope to read your entry soon!

  206. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    I have written a story for your talking frog competition which I think is one of my best I’ve ever written. The problem is, to fit the 1000 word limit my ending can’t be as detailed and fantastic as I have liked it to be. I’ve tried editing out other parts but the rest then doesn’t seem to make sense. Is it okay if I go another 30 words longer?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Isabel – I’m so sorry, a rule is a rule! You’ll have to go back to your story again and do a little more editing! Try taking a break from it for a few hours, or maybe asking a friend to take a look at it – it can help you to find those extra words or sentences you don’t really need. Best of luck!

  207. I have entered my competition entry!!! Hopefully I will win! 🙂

    • That’s great Jake! I’ll let you know by the end of next week – just keep an eye on my blog and I’ll publish the results soon!

  208. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    Your advice of taking a few days off really worked!
    I have entered my story and I think it’s good!

  209. I am so nervous!!!
    I really want to do well in this competition. I am so proud of my entry!
    Hopefully it’s good enough!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  210. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    After this competition, how long will the wait be until your next?

  211. Dear Sarah,
    will your results be posted before Saturday!
    Thats when i go to America and then i’ll have to wait 3 weeks to find out!

    • When will your results be posted?

      • This weekend! Be patient!

      • Dear Sarah,
        Thank you so much for placing me fifth! I am so happy! Also my friend Eleanor is super excited that she got special mentioned!!! I can’t wait to enter your next competition. This time I’m aiming for fourth!

  212. URGH! I AM STEAMING MAD THAT I AM NOT THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    Nah. Just kidding. But I am sort of disappointed, because I put a lot of effort into writing my story, and I was surprised to find that I wasn’t on the list of participants! I sent my entry to


    Name: TJ Simons
    Age: 9
    Story title: The Legend of Wing Yan

    Thanks a lot!

    Yours sincerely,
    TJ (Timothy John)

    • Timothy thanks for writing, but I never received your entry! I’ve double-checked your name, and the name of your story, against all my Mailboxes, and it simply isn’t there :(. I’m so sorry that you are disappointed, but unfortunately I never got the chance to read your story. Make sure you enter next time, and I’m sure you’ll do very well!

      • Yeah… guess you’re right. Never mind, I’ll just wait till your next competition! BTW when are you going to post your next competition?


  213. When is your next competition???? I cannot wait!!!

  214. For the Halloween Poem competition, does the title count as 1 line? Because my poem has 16 lines and a title, which makes 17 lines in total…

    • Hello and please don’t worry about the Title line – it doesn’t count in the 16 lines so you’re okay! I look forward to reading your poem!

  215. Hi Sarah!
    My name is Emily, from KJS. You might remember visiting it once. I am a big fan of you and your books! I am inspired by your style of writing. I am very impressed with your website(I just saw it now!) and competitions! Someday I want to be an author like you. I have written some stories of my own, as well. I am entering your competition for Halloween. I hope I get a place! I have a question- What inspired you to come up with your series of books?

    • Hello Emily – it’s lovely to hear from you, and thank you so much for your lovely comments! It was living in Hong Kong and meeting lots of lovely Chinese students that inspired me to write the Chinese Calendar Tales – I thought it would be fun for them to read books in English about their own culture and history – and to teach non-Chinese kids a bit about China too – in a fun way of course! I look forward very much to receiving your entry in my Hair-Raising Halloween Poem competition!

  216. Hi Sarah Brennan,
    It’s me. Lavinia. From today, the 27th of October. I am the girl who asked many good questions. I am also one of the people who got a book mark. Remember that girl that you asked the name of for an example of a story? Well that was me! I can’t wait to get your email and try your Halloween poem competition. I do have a question though, last year did you get the stories that Mr. Meehan sent from Think? If you did please reply! Or just reply anyway!
    -Happily yours,

  217. Dear Sarah Brennan,
    My name is Paul. I study at Think International School. I am an avid reader and a big fan of your books. My sister Claire studies at French International School. She likes reading Oswald Ox. My favourite book is Sybil Snake. We both love reading Run Run Rat. Nice stories! How do you get inspiration for books? Thanks!
    Paul S. 🙂

    • Thank you Paul! I’m so glad you and your sister enjoy my books! I get my inspiration from Chinese history, and also from all the animals my family used to keep when I was a kid growing up in Tasmania! Thanks for writing!

  218. Hi Sarah!
    My name’s Nelly Brown. I am eight years old. I love your stories!

    • Thanks so much Nelly – that’s very nice to hear! Keep up the great reading!

  219. I luv ur books! They r so cool. I can’t wait for ur next book to come out!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks so much Julie – that’s very kind of you! Please do tell me where you got my books in West Ontario?!

  220. Hi Sarah,
    I was wondering if I could send you a draft of a poem I wrote so I can get some feedback from a really awesome author like yourself, but I completely understand if the answer is no.

    • Hello Isabel – I’d love to see your poem! But I’m currently judging my latest Clever Competition with over 120 entries, so maybe you could send it in a week or so? I look forward to that!

  221. Thanks Sarah,
    Look forward to sending you my poem

  222. Hello Sarah – I am so sorry but i am a very impatient person. I was just wondering when the results will be posted. I CAN’T WAIT

  223. Thank you so much for giving me a place in your last competition! I am so happy 🙂

  224. Thank you for choosing me Sarah!!

  225. Hello Sarah – Thank you for giving me an honourable mention. Your the best! When will your next competition be posted. I can’t wait!!!

    • Thanks Isabel – you deserved it! Next competition will be posted before Christmas so hang in there!

  226. Thanks Sarah

  227. Hello Sarah – Sorry to be such a pain but it’s already after christmas and your next competition isn’t posted yet. Once again I’m really sorry but I cant wait to get back into my writing!

    • Hellooo Isabel! I’m so sorry but I decided to wait till the New Year to post my next competition as we need to start celebrating the Year of the Monkey with a fab story competition! Adding in a Christmas competition was running things too close! So please be patient and check my blog in a few weeks’ time – the next competition is coming soon, I promise!

  228. Sarah, I’m the girl who said bloodstains that are actually ketchup, do you mind telling me if you could have a competition where you could write about anything? You could be a bit specific by choosing a place (like a museum? a park?) and we just YOLO it. Maybe? It would be hard to pick a winner, though…

    • Hi Sharen, I remember you very well! I like setting quite specific competitions with specific ingredients as that way I know that you’re writing your story especially for my competition, which is important, so you get lots of writing practice! Also as you point out, it does help narrow things down for the judging. It also makes the writers work that little bit harder to be inventive and original! I do hope you’re going to enter my current competition!

  229. That’s great Abby! Best of luck with your writing career!

  230. Hi Sarah,
    When you say the story must include a chinese emperor, is it ok to have a chinese empress. It fit’s my story much better if it’s a female. Thanks,

    • Isabel, an Empress would be just fine!! Full marks for originality!

  231. What is the Color verditer

    • Abby you have to find out by yourself! Why don’t you type the word in your Google search engine… or look it up in your dictionary?

  232. The Ming kee monkey book is very good

  233. Hi Sarah Brennan ,
    I just wanted to ask you if the story has to include chinese history in it ?

    • Oh yes…. and how do I send it to you? Our school ‘s email doesn’t let us send or recive gmail to other people out of SJS?

    • It doesn’t HAVE to have Chinese History in it, but if you add some in I’ll give you more marks!

      • OK

      • I mean does it have to be non fiction

      • Hi Benedict – it actually has to be fiction ie your own original story!

      • So can I write something not true on my story ?

  234. Hi Sarah I was just wondering if you know I live near Tai Po I live in Tai Mei Tuk plus when is Ming kee’s birthday? if you think you know i’ll ask another question anyway i’ll just wait for your reply!!!

    • Hi Jennifer – Ming Kee’s Birthday is, of course, in the Year of the Monkey, but her birthdate is a top grade secret! Maybe you need to ask all the monkeys that live nearby in Tai Po!

  235. Hi Sarah I’m Jennifer Chiu! I was just wondering can people order your books on your blog or they get books in order forms and plus have you drinken my dad’s company tea?Its super irresitible! Thus how do know that there pandas in chengdu?Plus did you know i live in tai mei tuk and most important.HOW CAN YOU SIGN UP FOR THE MONKEY WRITING COMPOTION?????????????????????????????????

  236. haha very funny pssssss i can’t speak monkey!

  237. I have a joke to tell about Ming Kee!

  238. Q:what happens if ming kee’s birthday cake falls down on her?

  239. A: she gets CRAZY

    • by the way Hilary Lo is probably in shatin College

      • She is

      • I wiil wait for all your replies.

      • Im in Shatin Junior School

  240. Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to know if you are coming to my school this year. I really like your books and would love it if you could visit KJS (Kowloon Junior School) again. Thanks!
    – Marissa

  241. Hi
    Just want to ask you that what is the website button for

    • From Scarlett

  242. Hi also want to ask you where is the button that you said was on top

  243. Thank you for judging my story , I will try my best next time .

    • I look forward to your next entry Benedict! Have you entered my Sunny Summer Poetry Competition yet? There’s still 3 weeks to go!

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  246. Hi Sarah! It’s me Arjya and i love reading all sorts of storybooks, especially adventure ones. Have you heard of Malory Towers or St. Clare’s? They’re both very nice series about 2 boarding schools and i love reading them😀😀

    • Hello Arjya – it’s lovely to hear from you. I do know the Malory Towers series and loved reading it myself many years ago! I was delighted to receive your entry into my Clever Competition – please keep entering!

  247. […] the other winning poems, can be seen on Sarah Brennan’s  blog on the Clever Competitions page at Well done Ady! Maybe this will inspire your child to get writing and enter Sarah’s next Clever […]

  248. […] in the Years 4 to 6 Category. Their poems were outstanding! All the winning poems, can be seen on Sarah Brennan’s blog on the Clever Competitions page.  Good job Emily Cameron, Mia Santangelo and Neil Vijayan, from Lakeside campus, who all made […]

  249. Hi
    Do you remember me Scarlett from Sha Tin Junior School.I am trying to find time to write the story and enter the competition.Hopefully I can finish it in time so you can judge it !

    • Hello Scarlett – of course I remember you! And do please make sure you enter – I look forward to reading your story!

  250. Hi
    do you remember me I am Nicole from Think (New Campus) ! What is your email ?

  251. Hello Sarah Brennan, I am Marjorie, remember Shatin Junior School (You visited us yesterday and the day before) I would like to ask if my book is not fiction, can I still enter?
    Best Regards
    Marjorie Chan 5.5

    • Hi Marjorie – it’s lovely to hear from you! Actually, your story must be fictional! I’m looking for creative, original work, using the very best of your imagination! Good luck!

    • Yes of course Marjorie – your story MUST be fiction! I look forward to reading it!

  252. […] Sarah Brennan, a Hong Kong based author, who writes about the zodiac animals books, has a new competition that your child can enter. It looks lots of fun and details can be found here: […]

  253. hello saran Brennan,
    I am Nayonika and i am 11 yrs old. i was thinking about entering this contest but I have a question; can my story be less than 1000 words? If yes, what is the minimum number of words needed? Thanks for your time reading my question.

    Best regards,
    nayonika biswas

    • Hi Nayonika – of course it can be less than 1000 words! 1000 words is the MAXIMUM but you can write a shorter story if you like! I look forward to reading your story!

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