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the pig dancing but not including the stage_lo resNow we all know that Ping Pong Pig is a practically perfect pig – she’s kind and giving, she works very hard, and she likes to help people! She’s also a very good little actress, as she escapes the Minister of Most Important Things dressed in the disguise of all those professions Pig People are good at! Above all she loves reading stories about pigs! So in this new story competition, I need you to tell me an exciting adventure, a puzzling mystery…or even a touching romance about a Practically Perfect Pig!

Here are the RULES:


Any child attending primary school, including home-schooled children of primary school age, anywhere in the world.


Please read the next list carefully, as these are all the ingredients you need to include in your story:

  • it must be set in China in Imperial times – so I’ll need lots of detail about the setting, the dynasty, and some interesting period details! (This means doing a bit of fascinating research!)
  • your main character must be a practically perfect Pig
  • it must also include an erudite Emperor, a melacholy Mosquito and a rapacious Rat (look it up in the dictionary if you don’t know what erudite, melancholy or rapacious mean!)
  • it must include the colour periwinkle
  • it must include a famine
  • and it must include at least 4 of my Wicked Words used correctly (just click here to find them!)
  • it must be no longer than 1,000 words please! So remember to edit your story! Stories above 1,000 words will be marked down.



Here is the list of things I’ll be looking for when I judge your story, so try as much as you can to include the following:

(i) Story structure

  • I’m looking for a really attention-grabbing beginning, including some description of the setting
  • A very interesting problem or challenge
  • I want to see that problem developed in at least 2 further stages
  • I want a spine-tingling climax
  • And a satisfying resolution to the problem or challenge
  • And I want you to pay attention to your ending – make sure it’s one that leaves me impressed!

(ii) Setting

Now you all know that I LOVE lots of details about the setting, not just in the beginning, but right through the story! Remember to include details of:

  • the time, or era
  • the season and the weather
  • you might even include some information about other things going on at the time of your story which influence the plot!
  • and please use some really gorgeous adjectives in your descriptions – the more unusual and precise, the better your scores!

(iii) Characters

Please tell me a bit about them as you tell your story! What do they look like and how old are they? Where do they come from? Are they different or special in any way? Is there something about their past which has made them do the things they do? Do they have a job? Do they hold any special positions? These sorts of details will really help me to picture your characters and understand them – and it will increase your scores!

(iv) Style

This is where you can really set your story apart from the rest! I’m looking for:

  • wonderful vocabulary used correctly, including of course those 4 Wicked Words!
  • original style – something about your writing that is a little different
  • great grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • a story line that’s a bit different or unusual – I’m looking for a very original plot with original characters!
  • and of course, your story must be all your own work!


(v) Format and how to submit

  • Please type up your story in a Word document in Times New Roman font size 12
  • Then submit to me as an attachment to an email, or in the body of your email, addressed to and type in the subject box: The Ping Pong Pig Tale Competition
  • Please ensure you add in your email or at the bottom of your story the following details: your full name, your age, your grade or year at school (or if you are home-schooled, the year you would be attending if you were at a school), your school name, your school campus if your school has more than one, your city, and your state or country if you live outside Hong Kong!
  • Please do NOT use Google Docs as sometimes these are difficult to open and copy
  • Please do NOT use special fonts or unusual effects
  • Please do NOT send pictures. I’m only judging the writing, and if you are one of the finalists, I’ll only be publishing your writing on my blog. The pictures may make it difficult for me post your story online!

(vi) What I DON’T want in your story!

  • Please don’t include any toilet humour! I really dislike it because I think it’s really boring and it doesn’t make great writing, and if you use it I’m afraid I’ll have to mark you down.
  • Please don’t copy or use someone else’s work. Plagiarism will result in your story being disqualified, and your school notified. You will also be banned from entering any further of my competitions.


  • There will be two categories: Grade One to Grade Three, and Grade Four to Grade Six. Please don’t worry if you are a Grade 4 student competing against a Grade 6 student! You will find from reading previous prize-winning stories in my competitions (scroll down to the right) that often the younger writers are better than the older writers! It’s not age that counts, but writing talent!
  • I am the sole judge in this competition, and my decision will be final. No correspondence about the judging will be entered into after the results are posted.
  • The results will be posted on my blog, and a newsletter sent to all my subscribers when the results are posted.
  • This time the First Prize in each of the two Categories will be ONE COMPLETE BOXED SET OF MY CHINESE CALENDAR TALES worth RRP HK$1299!!! Second and Third Place-Getters will each receive a signed copy of one Chinese Calendar Tale of their choice! The TOP SIX entries in each Category will be published on my blog, and their writers notified individually by email.
  • All schools will be notified after the competition of the names of students who entered and how they got on.
  • Prizes will be sent to their recipients via their school, so that they can be presented in assembly.



The deadline has been extended to 12 midnight EST on FRIDAY 17TH MAY. No entries received after that date will be accepted.


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