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Four Fabulous Year of the Ox Challenges 2021!

Yes, I know, you’re stuck at home and this Chinese New Year isn’t exactly the one we’re all used to, with its Lion Dances and Dragon Dances and big family feasts, not to mention crowds of people enjoying all the festivities! But fear not! I have some fun challenges for all you kids at home to complete over the Chinese New Year holidays!

Challenge #1: Enter my Writing Competition!

Illustration credit: Harry Harrison from The Tale of Oswald Ox

Enter my An Oxcellent Ox Tale Competition, with fabulous prizes to be won! You’ve got till the 28th March to enter, but why wait when you’ve got the holidays to write your fabulous story? Just click on this link and scroll down to Competition No. 37 to find out more!

Challenge #2: Colour Me In!

Enter my Oswald Ox Colouring Competition with two fabulous pictures from The Tale of Oswald Ox to choose from! Or you can just download print them out and colour them in for fun! Click on this link!

Challenge #3: Make this Moo Mask!

Moo Mask on my teddy bear!

Make this Moo Mask by downloading the Instructions and Templates below!

Challenge #4: Listen to me reading The Tale of Oswald Ox!

Well, this isn’t exactly a challenge, but more of a Chinese New Year’s treat!

In conjunction with Asia Society Hong Kong, I’ve recorded a fun story reading of The Tale of Oswald Ox, especially for Chinese New Year! You can listen to it here!

The Great Year of the Rat Challenge 2020!

Click here for the results of the Great Year of the Rat Challenge 2020!

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